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Get Sleepy: Sleep meditation and stories

Health-and-fitness • Fiction • Kids-and-family

Relax and fall asleep with Get Sleepy's unique combination of sleep meditation, followed by a calming story that lets you drift off to a peaceful slumber.

Popular episodes

The Season of Hygge

Dec 6 • 44:35

Welcome back, sleepyheads. Tonight, we'll journey to Denmark, in the heart of Scandinavia, to learn all about the essence of hygge, whilst enjoying it for ourselves. 😴 ...

Twelve Sleeping Princesses

Dec 1 • 45:35

Welcome back, sleepyheads. Tonight, we have a sleepy re-telling of a famous fairytale, based on the version of The Twelve Dancing Princesses, published by the Brothers Grimm in the early 19th century.  😴 ...

The Great Library of Alexandria

Nov 29 • 41:05

Welcome back, sleepyheads. Tonight, we’ll be walking the halls of perhaps the greatest library of the ancient world. And we might even run into one of the most famous scholars of the age while we’re there. 😴 ...

The Magic Compass

Nov 24 • 43:36

Welcome back, sleepyheads. Tonight, a very mysterious compass leads Mia and her dog, Nala, to a special place. 😴 

Sound design: crickets, surburban ambiance. 🌾🏘
Narrator: Eric Hollaway 🇺🇸...

The Cornucopia of Plenty (Re-Release)

Nov 23 • 39:04

Welcome back, sleepyheads. Tonight, we have a special bonus episode for you, our beloved listeners, to show our gratitude and appreciation. It is the re-release of last year's Thanksgiving story. TK tells the story of a girl who saves her town's annual harvest festival. 😴 ...

Autumn in London

Nov 22 • 44:21

Welcome back, sleepyheads. Tonight, we'll enjoy a bus ride through the heart of London, followed by a walk in the park and a visit to an old-fashioned English tearoom. 😴 ...

The Land of Found Books

Nov 17 • 47:03

Welcome back, sleepyheads. Tonight, on the eve of the show's 2nd birthday 🥳, we take special journey to a mysterious island in the middle of the ocean. There, we find a world of unique books that don't seem to be attributed to any particular author or publisher. 😴 ...

Baked Apples on a Blustery Day

Nov 15 • 45:25

Welcome back, sleepyheads. Tonight, we pay our third visit to Lily's cosy baker, where comfort, warmth and a hint of indulgence always awaits. This time, Lily is joined by her cherished friends as she finds inspiration from an old family recipe book. 😴 ...

Afloat on a Peaceful Lake

Nov 10 • 41:25

Welcome back, sleepyheads. Tonight, we have another of our simple, soothing stories where we don't do much but enjoy the imaginative world around us. We'll spend the day floating on a pristine lake, before relaxing by a crackling fire under the moonlight. 😴 ...

Flight of the Crow

Nov 8 • 45:17

Welcome back, sleepyheads. In tonight's adaptation of an ancient fable, a persevering crow goes to some very creative lengths to get a drink of water and quench her thirst. The moral of the story may well be, 'where there's a will, there's a way'.  😴 ...

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