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GET DOING THINGS is the podcast of Craig Burgess: Creative Director of a branding and digital agency called Genius Division. Each episode Craig talks to a leading creative thinker in a long-form conversation that's guaranteed to get you thinking differently.

Popular episodes

Alex Mathers

Oct 11 • 01:12:01

I had a lovely chat with Alex Mathers on the podcast this week. We have a far-ranging conversation about allsorts of things from creating content, using Twitter and not losing your mind whilst doing these things....

Luke Burgis - The cult of experts

Sep 28 • 01:10:53

My goal with this podcast is to try and find legitimately interesting people who can hold a conversation. Luke is one such human. After recently writing his excellent book, Wanting, we spend over an hour talking about nearly everything else other than the book. Especially my favourite topic: the cult of experts....

Andrew Barry - Courses, learning and promoting

Sep 22 • 01:07:22

It was a pleasure to finally manage to sit down with Andrew and talk to him about courses, learning and how the hell you can actually promote this stuff without losing your mind. We also get into our evolving opinions of Twitter and promoting ourselves in general, how to do it whilst keeping sane, and how best we can launch courses that still feel genuine....

Nick Winkelman - The mind and the body

Sep 7 • 01:08:26

After my first episode with Nick, I immediately wanted him back. This time we were to talk about more esoteric stuff (my words), stuff less related to performance. ...

Benjamin George

Aug 26 • 01:24:19

I've known and connected with Benjamin through Twitter over the last year, and he's an excellent and wide-ranging thinker. I've been wanting to get him on the podcast for a while but it's mainly my schedule that has made it take this long to get together......

Colin Landforce - Selling yourself (and lots of weed)

Aug 18 • 52:04

Colin is fascinating to me, because he does something that in the UK I couldn't even imagine happening for a long time: he sells weed legally. And not only does he sell weed, he sells a LOT of weed....

Emmy Sobieski - Staying curious

Aug 10 • 58:45

I think Emmy is my spirit animal. After spending a large portion of her life in investing, she casually spends the rest of her time either running ultramarathons, marathons, entering bodybuilding competitions, competing in Dressage and staying curious....

Ed Latimore - A time of changing avatars

Aug 3 • 01:11:05

I discovered Ed Latimore on Twitter around 2015/2016. He was one of the only voices I found around that time talking sense on there and I loved everything he wrote. Fast forward quite a few years and it's a real honour for me to get to sit down and chat to him for an hour on the podcast....

Chris Williamson - What is enough?

Jul 27 • 01:07:05

What is there really to say about Chris Williamson? A climbing YouTube and podcasting star with his excellent Modern Wisdom podcast, it was an honour to sit down with him for an hour and chat all things self improvement, realty TV, and rather surprisingly: how to work out when you have enough....

Alex Paval - Twitter, quitting a job and starting a company

Jul 13 • 44:59

I met Alex on Twitter when he was first starting out and immediately became curious about the mind maps he was sharing and his friendly attitude. We got along, and then a while ago I put a call out to invite people on my podcast on Twitter. He was one of the first to fill it out and now we're finally sitting down to chat!...

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