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Are you an entrepreneur who is still stuck at your 9-5? GetCoached360 is here to help! Our guests are experienced business coaches sharing business advice for entrepreneurs looking to quit their day job and take their business full-time. GetCoached360 is the business coaching podcast on mindset,Read more

Popular episodes

2020 - A Year in Review

Jan 5 • 11:17

Dive Into Entrepreneurship - Mindset Coaching

Dec 15 • 45:32

Aspiring to be an entrepreneur is easy. What many people struggle with is getting started. But what ultimately prevents people from reaching success is not going all in. In this episode, Dustin Miller and Chris discuss a wide range of topics, including polymathy, self-education and most importantly, how each of them overcame their own limiting beliefs. Overcoming these lim...

Uncover Your True Identity - Mindset Coaching

Dec 8 • 47:31

To uncover your true identity, you need to eliminate the limiting beliefs holding you back. In this episode, Vitanna Constantino shares the practical ways to help overcome these limiting beliefs, such as leveraging the human need for habits and routines to change your behaviour, as well as the power of mindset and gratitude....

Don't Become a Commodity - Business Coaching

Dec 1 • 40:13

Process of Elimination - Productivity Coaching

Nov 24 • 47:07

Practicing Mindfulness - Mindset Coaching

Nov 17 • 42:38

The Power of Podcasts - Marketing Coaching

Nov 10 • 01:02:09

Podcasting is great! It's the medium that's having the most significant growth in recent years, and there's a lot of potential for success. Whether you're thinking of starting an independent podcast or adding one to your business, this is a great episode to get you started. Scott Burgess shares his advice on what to do before you launch your podcast, the equipment you're g...

The Complete Creative - Mindset Coaching

Nov 3 • 57:59

Entrepreneurship is about creativity. In this episode, Russell Nohelty discusses the journey of a creative and the mindset he feels you require to maintain resilience through the inevitable failures. He also explains the importance of embracing our failed creations and how to leverage those failures to increase revenue. ...

The Importance of Sleep - Health Coaching

Oct 27 • 40:34

Smarter Lead Magnets - Marketing Coaching

Oct 20 • 44:35

Juliet Clark shares how to create a smarter lead magnet to attract your ideal client. She also gets into why books make for great lead magnets and how to turn a podcast into a book. If you're looking for a better way to attract your ideal customer, there's lots of great marketing advice in this episode....

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