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Five Times August: I’ve Enlisted My Music for This Time

Dec 4 • 52:54

Steve St. Angelo: There Won’t Be Enough Energy for the Elite’s Great Reset & Metaverse

Dec 1 • 55:37

James Guzman: Is Mexico a Good Place to Escape From the COVID1984 Prison Planet?

Nov 27 • 46:33

Riley Waggaman: Why is Russia Going Full COVID1984?

Nov 26 • 48:35

Harley Schlanger: Elites Suffered Loss at COP26, They Want War in Ukraine or South China Sea

Nov 24 • 55:22

John Klyczek: The Great Reset in Education & Our Trans-Eugenic Techno-Fascist Re-engineering

Nov 21 • 56:19
John Klyczek discusses the roots of the modern-day technocratic system of education. Beginning with its Prussian origins in Johann Gottlieb Fichte, Wilhelm Wundt’s laboratory for psychological research, the Order of Skull and Bones, John Dewey, and John B. Watson, these systems are geared toward a collectivist model of workforce training and stimulus response psychology. L...

Godfrey Bloom: World Going Through Bout of Insanity Not Seen Since 1914

Nov 18 • 56:24

Sam Jacobs: What Great Reset? Everything is Going Swimmingly!

Nov 17 • 52:44

Matt Smith: Building Parallel Societies to Survive the Great Reset

Nov 14 • 58:15
Entrepreneur Matt Smith, who works with legendary investor Doug Casey, discusses surviving the Great Reset. From his getaway location in South America, he talks expatriation; holding your ground; creating parallel societies, structures, economies; and wealth generation…for the months, if not, years of turmoil ahead. *Support/Donate to Geopolitics & Empire: SubscribeStar ht...

Gregory Copley: Coup Season In Africa, China Can’t Go To War, West Becoming Soviet Union

Nov 11 • 01:00:02

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