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Generation Anthropocene


Stories and conversations about planetary change. Hosted by Mike Osborne, Miles Traer, and Leslie Chang. Supported by Stanford Earth and Worldview Stanford.

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We Are As Gods

Nov 17 • 32:47

Humans have been shaping the course of evolution for a long time, but with today's gene editing technologies our power to determine the fate of life on Earth is reaching new levels. With the extinction crisis looming, should we use these new editing tools to rescue threatened organisms? Are we playing god? In her new book, Life As We Made It, Beth Shapiro helps us understa...

Hurricane Lizards & Plastic Squid with Thor Hanson

Oct 1 • 41:30


Sep 23 • 29:21

Explainer: The Impact of Climate Denialism

Sep 16 • 20:11

Explainer: Why Cows Are So Damned Bad for Warming

Sep 9 • 14:27

Explainer: The Origin of 2 degrees

Sep 2 • 28:16

Waste-Free World, with Ron Gonen

Aug 26 • 47:51
We all kinda know that the global waste stream is a crazy big problem, but, in terms of just bottom line dollars, most of the time we don’t think about what waste COSTS. So, where might there be big opportunities today to totally rethink everything we throw away? In today’s episode, Ron Gonen answers that question and paints a picture of the past, present, and future of wa...

Carbon Valley, Ep1

Jun 2 • 38:10
Today is a guest spot featuring Episode 1 of Carbon Valley, a new series from Wyoming Public Media. In the coal capital of the country, in the least-populated state in the union, leaders had to make a move. So, they turned to a silver bullet and brought in a $20 million competition to jumpstart a new era for coal country. Along the way, an unlikely ally emerges: a skateboa...


May 11 • 34:16
Few things in life are better than savoring delicious food. We all know this to be true today... but we've never stopped to consider just how important flavor-seeking might've been in the distant past. It turns out that the science of flavor can teach us a lot about the story of human evolution, and how we might reign in our rapacious appetites as we confront global enviro...

Individual Reckoning

Apr 19 • 34:17
Climate change sometimes feels like a problem that can only be solved by governments, corporations, and large sectors of the economy. The truth, though, is that we as individuals can make an impact too. And, as it turns out, it's not all sacrifice. In her new book, Under the Sky We Make, Professor Kim Nicholas of Lund University explores the humanity that emerges when we'r...

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