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Father and daughter attempt to bridge the generational divide through cross-generation education, humor, games and shenanigans...all while getting to know each other and the rest of their friends and family a little better.

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Hey Grace, how's college? Hey Dylann, how's high school? (Ep. 055)

Sep 20 • 32:07

Downfalls High - Machine Gun Kelly (Ep. 054)

Aug 12 • 01:32:15

Grace's last episode before leaving for college. Scott, Grace, and Derek talk about Machine Gun Kelly's music video "Downfalls High" a movie-like exploration of the Tickets to My Downfall album. They talk about stars Syndey Sweeney and LILHUDDY, Travis Barker's influence on this album and the new wave of pop-punk, and hear from their buddy Ryebread after ranking every movi...

Green Day "Dookie" vs. jxdn "Tell Me About Tomorrow" (Ep. 053)

Aug 1 • 01:36:59

Grace's final album review before leaving for college. Scott enightens Grace on the meanings of some of Green Day's deeper tracks and she fills him in on the TikTok drama between Jaden Hossler, Nessa Barrett, and their ex-lovers. The pop-punk style albums also bring up the topics of Travis Barker being everywhere these days, Juice WRLD's lasting influence on the music indu...

Weekend at Bernie's Movie Review (Ep. 052)

Jul 22 • 01:11:37

The movie genius Derek is back in the studio with Grace and Scott to talk about Scott's guilty pleasure pick, AKA Weekend at Bernie's. They discuss their favorite scenes, props, and fashion as well as how a remake of this movie would go in this current age. Derek introduces a new movie evaluation technique with a Gen Divide awards ceremony....

Keeping up with the (K)Hilers (Ep. 051)

Jul 21 • 43:56

Face... Off (Ep. 050)

Jul 8 • 01:23:48

Movie genius is back for the official Gen Divide review of Face/Off, as the guilty pleasure movie of Derek. Overall, the group loved the movie but are prepared to criticize the bizarre idea and the ambitiously choreographed fight scenes. Also, HALFWAY TO RYEBREAD!!!...

Olivia Rodrigo is SOUR, Logan Paul is ready to fight, and the Friends are old (Ep. 049)

Jun 5 • 01:07:08

In Gen Divide's first ever "quad-pod", Scott and Grace are joined by Movie Genius Derek and the "music genius" Dylann (who is also the daughter and sister of Scott and Grace respectively). Even though Scott has only listened to the hit "drivers license", the entire crew gives a review of the new album nobody can get enough of. They also talk about the personality test cove...

The BEST Personality Tests with Nikki Benson (Ep. 048)

Jun 3 • 01:20:37

Scott and Grace are joined by HR professional and personality expert Nikki Benson. They talk about Myers Briggs, the issues with spectrums, and most importantly, why the BEST Instruments Personality Assessment is, well... the best. Listen along to guess what the hosts types are and then give yourself and your friends the test so you can call each other out at  https://www....

Beastie Boys and Juice WRLD (Ep. 047)

May 4 • 01:57:10

Joined in the studio by Bart Smith, old-school rap connoisseur and longtime friend of Gen Divide, Grace and Scott complete their next round of album reviews: "Licensed to Ill" by the Beastie Boys and "Legends Never Die" by Juice WRLD. A true Gen Divide battle with 80's rap rock up against modern-day emo rap. The group also takes a quiz on hip hop slang and talks about grow...

The creep and the Swede... Tall Girl movie review (Ep. 046)

Apr 17 • 01:07:50
Derek is back in the studio for the third installment of Gen Divide's high school movie review series to talk about the Netflix original "Tall Girl". Derek and Grace debate over how funny or creepy Dunkerman is. After unanimously deciding that older sister Harper is the best character, Scott goes back on his previous opinion from the Olivia Rodrigo episode and states that ...

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