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Matt Navarra and Martin SFP Bryant explore the world of social media, talking to big names and chewing over the latest news. Support this podcast:

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19. LinkedIn's unusual approach to news on social media, with Katie Carroll

Sep 7 • 34:13

Katie Carroll heads up LinkedIn News for North America and the UK. In a world where social media is rife with misinformation and trashy stories that waste your time, LinkedIn curates and packages news to help the platform's professional audience get the information they need to help them do their jobs better. Matt Navarra and Martin SFP Bryant spoke to Katie about LinkedIn...

18. What's next for Facebook messaging, with Messenger's Stan Chudnovsky

Aug 31 • 26:51

Stan Chudnovsky heads up Messenger at Facebook. As Messenger turns 10 years old, we ask him about its future as it transitions into being more of a layer across all of Facebook's properties, rather than just a standalone app. How does Instagram messaging and WhatsApp fit into this world? What about the metaverse? And can everything you do on Messenger be encrypted without ...

17. The Real Facebook Oversight Board on fighting social media's dark side

Aug 18 • 47:30

Carole Cadwalladr and Professor David Carroll are both well known voices against what they see as Facebook’s wrongdoing. They were two founding members of a group called The Real Facebook Oversight Board, launched just three weeks before Facebook’s official Oversight Board started work last year....

16. The BBC's Sophia Smith Galer on TikTok journalism and positivity online

Aug 4 • 50:47

What happens when you cross a professional news report on a ship stuck in the Suez Canal with a sea shanty? The answer is one of BBC visual journalist Sophia Smith Galer’s biggest hits on TikTok. Sophia joins us to talk about a new generation of journalists who emphasise their own personality and identity, and she gives us insights into her social media toolkit, what it's ...

15. Shopify's Shimona Mehta on the social shopping revolution

Jul 27 • 48:59

This week we chat with Shimona Mehta, Shopify's managing director for the EMEA region. We discuss how social platforms are increasingly adopting shopping features, how platforms like Shopify power them, and what this all means for the future of how we all buy things.

This season, our interviews are recorded live on Twitter Spaces, look out for details of future live shows o...

14. WhatsApp's Will Cathcart on the battle for encryption, and future of messaging

Jul 19 • 31:50

Geekout with Matt Navarra is back! This week we chat with Will Cathcart, head of WhatsApp. We discuss WhatsApp's battle to save end-to-end encryption from governments around the world, the growth of messaging as a business tool, and ask lots of geeky questions about WhatsApp's features and plans.

This season, our interviews are recorded live on Twitter Spaces. The next live...

Season 3: Coming soon

Jul 7 • 00:47

Geekout with Matt Navarra is back, and this time... we’re doing it live. Yes, we’re returning to grill more well-known personalities? from the world of social media. This time the special guests we’ve got lined up include senior figures from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, the BBC, and more. And we’ll be streaming live on Twitter Spaces, so you can tune i...

13. Coronavirus edition with Sara Fischer (Axios) and John Saroff (Chartbeat)

Apr 7 • 45:22

In the first of a series of special episodes looking at the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, we look at how the world of digital media and the big social platforms have been affected....

12. Snap's Ed Couchman on why Snapchat matters in 2020

Feb 13 • 48:49

Ed Couchman is general manager for Snap in the UK, overseeing the business growth of the company there.....

11. Digitas' James Whatley on the evolution of social media

Feb 6 • 01:20:29

James Whatley has been a social media geek so long he practically invented the term. These days he's a strategy partner at Digitas, where he helps brands make the most of digital platforms....

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