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Geek Edition: The stories that make us nerds

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These are the stories that make us nerds. Geek Edition presents dispatches from the geek community, reporting on stories from the crossroads of fandom, pop culture, science, and more. Stories like the collector who went from seeking lunch boxes to preserving pinball machines; an endeavor that ledRead more

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The Marvelous Monster Rangers

Apr 28 • 16:10

Some are in it for the stories. Some are in it for the badges, or the camaraderie. Others like the bartering and outdoor getaways. This alternative reality club is a fandom unto itself, aimed at protecting the monsters around us, their habitats, and more.

The Monster Rangers are kind of like the Scouts mixed with the 1987 film The Monster Squad. Correspondent Brandon Haddi...

Stripping back the layers of Nerdlesque

Mar 23 • 16:08

What happens when you combine today's theater troops, a history of burlesque, and modern fandom? Add all that up and you get nerdlesque. Performances based on Batman, Harry Potter, Star Wars, even Stephen King, and much more, are selling out large theaters in major cities, and stages in small towns across the country. Why? We hear from one theatre troop based in Vancouver,...

Being better than division - being nerds (a talk with Dave Ross and Michael Medved)

Mar 9 • 20:22

Fair warning: This particular episode of Geek Edition touches upon the dark, horrific realm of politics and opinions. As such, Geek Edition is publishing two episodes this week. If this sort of discussion isn't your thing, feel free to hit that skip button to the next episode.

This week on Geek Edition: We're pulling in radio host Dave Ross and talk show host Michael Medve...

What's really behind "fake geek girls?"

Mar 9 • 19:43

Have you ever heard of the term "fake geek girls?" How about "booth babes?" There's this idea among the geek community that some people, generally women, cannot truly be geeks. There's a lot loaded into that sentiment. More than you may realize, especially if you look closer at the issue, its history, and the reality of the geek community.

This episode of Geek Edition uses...

Captain Quidel: Spreading awareness, not a virus, and doing good

Feb 23 • 14:41

If you don't notice Captain Quidel because of the purple tights and cape, you'll definitely notice her car – bright purple and pink with a massive virus on top. Lin Wilson is the person behind the mask. While she was hired to be a community engagement manager for Quidel (a medical diagnostics company), the pandemic shook everything up. But she wasn't going to let it get in...

Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses: From 8-bit glory to the big stage

Feb 8 • 15:37

How a Star Wars church saved cherished pop culture relics

Feb 8 • 17:05

The search for the "real" Springfield

Feb 8 • 18:45

Springfield is among the most common town names in America. But the one we all know the best is the home of the Simpsons. While officials with the show are adamant that the animated town is not based on any real location, one community claims to have a bit more Simpsons cred than all the others. It's partially based on legend, and partially based on the town's enduring Sim...

Trailer: What is Geek Edition?

Feb 8 • 01:45

Geek Edition brings you dispatches from the geek community; reporting on stories from the crossroads of fandom, pop culture, science, and more. Each episode presents a feature story, and sometimes an interview. 
Geek Edition is about the collector whose passion led him to starting his own, genuine Star Wars church. It's about the fans of 8-bit video game music who pack thea...

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