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Gather The Suspects


A cosy murder mystery set in Wales during a very boring apocalypse. Life in Prosperity heights during the apocalypse is boring. That is until the day-to-day tedium is shattered by murder! Serial slacker Jack Davies and his housemate‘s, Kara and Geraint, set out to solve the crime. Will JackRead more

Popular episodes

Ep 203: Those Meddling Kids (Halloween Mini-Series)

Nov 14 • 40:22

After the spooky events of the previous day, our exhausted gang of intrepid crime-solvers are ready to throw in the towel. Can a chat with Paget and some seaweed for breakfast help Jack crack the case?...

Ep. 202: Beaches, Buffets and Bogeymen (Halloween Mini-series)

Nov 7 • 38:46

Kara has a run-in of a supernatural nature and the gang partake in a bit of light snooping. Did Inspector Paget tamper with the gang's van?...

Ep. 201: Oh, I Do Like To Die Beside The Seaside (Halloween Mini-series)

Oct 30 • 37:38

As Jack, Kara, Geraint and Veronika set off on their first holiday in years, they are about to learn that life during the apocalypse is anything but simple... especially when Jack gets to choose their mode of transportation. ...

Acast Audio Fiction Week - Blackout!

Oct 25 • 15:36

Not all heroes wear capes… sometimes they wear fake moustaches too. When a power cut puts a birthday party in the building at risk, Jack, Kara and Geraint set out to save the day....

Ep.106: The Denouement

Apr 12 • 28:48

Suspects are gathered, motives are tested, and crimes are revealed. Can Jack prove his theory as to who killed Dan and Linda? Find out in the exciting conclusion to season one of Gather The Suspects. ...

Ep.105: Pants Are For Winners

Apr 5 • 28:23

The rug is pulled out from under the investigation after Giles Hampson makes a surprising discovery. A humiliated Jack retreats to the comfort of the flat and his flamingo dressing-gown. Is this the end of Jack's career as a private detective? ...

Ep.104: Stairs, Lies & Videotapes

Mar 29 • 36:10

Mr Khan stops Kara from making an even bigger mistake and the gang continue to interview the residents of Prosperity Heights. After visits to Amelia's and Reeshi's apartments, has Jack worked out the identity of the killer? ...

Ep.103: Going Rogue

Mar 22 • 38:39

The gang have a run-in with the killer as events escalate at Prosperity Heights. Meanwhile, Kara decides to take matters into her own hands. ...

Ep.102: The Not So Dapper Death of Dapper Dan Harris

Mar 15 • 30:55

After the brutal murder of Dapper Dan, accusations fly amongst the residents of Prosperity Heights. Meanwhile, an excited Jack decides to put his 'expertise' and vintage Walkman to the test and vows to solve the crime....

Ep.101: Bored to Death

Mar 1 • 25:31

Serial procrastinator, Jack, always imagined that the end of the world would feature more Zombies or a cataclysmic nuclear event. He never expected the end of the world to be this… Well, boring! ...

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