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Nick “Nick the Blade” Gesuale

Nov 29 • 36:54

Nick The Blade – early years

Eugene “Nick the Blade” Gesuale was a notorious Capo in the Genovese Crime Family. He also was the infamous “Pittsburgh Connect” in the movie Goodfellas and the guy that sup[plied narcotics to Henry Hill. Nick the Blade Gesuale grew up in the East Liberty section of Pittsburgh. He stared in the mob as a numbers runner like many other budding you...

Gotti in USP Marion

Nov 22 • 29:00

John Gotti Arrives

In this reboot of an old podcast, I talk with my friend David Layman who was a guard at the federal prison at Marion. He describes the day Gotti arrived at the Reception and Diagnostic Unit. David said men gathered around looking and watching like a movie star was being processed. He heard people yelling how much they loved Gotti, how they would do anythi...

Jesus Ruiz Henao aka Mr. Big

Nov 15 • 33:16

Jesus Ruiz Henao

Gary interviews the well-known true crime author Ron Chepesiuk and Jesus Ruiz Henao (aka Mr. Big).  Gary gets the inside story of the largest single cocaine supplier to Great Britain during the 1990s. The famous English law enforcement organization known as MI-5 reported to British newspapers that when they took down the Henao organization, the price of coc...

Polly Adler: The Madam to the Mob

Nov 8 • 56:04

Madam Polly Adler

Non-fiction author Debby Applegate discusses the famous New York madam Polly Adler. We learn how Ms. Adler came to America as a Russian Immigrant Jew and how she rose to prominence and achieved a certain amount of fame in New York Society in the same manner as other Jewish emigrants like Meyer Lansky. With most other opportunities denied her because she wa...

Giovanni Rocco Undercover with the Mob

Oct 25 • 35:20

Giovanni Rocco

Giovanni Rocco tells Gary his experiences as he infiltrated the DeCavalcante crime family AKA The Real Sopranos. Rocco was able to gain the confidence of the DeCavalcante hierarchy. He tells about the problems and rewards of working undercover on extended investigations that took years. He uses the tough guy characters he saw as he grew up in a working-class ...

1989 Year of the Stool Pigeon William Jahoda

Oct 21 • 12:15

William Jahoda

William Jahoda was an Outfit gambler connected to Rocco Infelise, the ruthless consigliere of the Chicago mob. He and others run the most profitable gambling house in Chicago. The entire operation is dubbed the Good Ship Lollipop. At first, under Solly DeLaurentis, the Lake County crew are making money and not making any waves. This operation turns into a mes...

1989 Year of the Stool Pigeon Vincent Rizza

Oct 18 • 20:16

Vincent Rizza was a former Chicago cop who was a tipster to Outfit members, a gambler, a sports bookie, and a cocaine addict. His claim to fame later in life is that his daughter Pia Rizza was on a Mob Housewives TV show....

1989 Year of the Stool Pigeon Ken Eto

Oct 11 • 15:33

Ken Eto and Vince Solano

An American-born man of Japanese extraction left the internment camps after World War II and landed in Chicago. Ken Eto was a professional gambler who received notice from the Outfit. By the 1970s, Vince Solano, boss of the Rush Street crew took over all Bolita action and he placed Ken Eto in charge. The FBI made a gambling case on Eto and before he...

1989 Year of the Stool Pigeon Mario Rainone

Oct 7 • 16:38

Mario Rainone

Mario John “the Arm” Rainone saw a couple of guys tailing him and thought he was being set up for a hit. Rainone was preparing to take out a building inspector after his boss ordered the hit. As he followed his intended victim, he noticed a couple of other Outfit men named Rudy Fratto and Willie Messino were flowing him. He realized that he was actually the in...

1989 Year of the Stool Pigeon Paul Panczko

Oct 4 • 11:10

Paul Panczko

Gary, Camillus Robinson, and Paul Whitcolmbe discuss the chain of events that started with Paul “Peanuts” Panczko and ended with the FBI making informants and government witnesses out of Duke Baisle and Gerald Scarpelli. These two men were long-time Outfit thieves, armed robbers, burglars, hitmen, and enforcers. First, we go back to Paul Panczko. He was a well-...

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