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We're so glad you're here! Gaming & Gabbing is a podcast about tabletop & video games hosted by us, the magical Dayeanne Hutton (Life is Strange, Emma Approved) and the divinely humble Amber Plaster (Silicon Valley, Splitting Up Together)! We can't wait to level up with you! We basically knowRead more

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John Eric Bentley aka Barret Wallace (FFVII Remake) is Inspiring AF

Feb 24 • 01:07:31
Baby Barbarians we are here to bring you a podcast with some of the BEST Dad Energy you could ever hope for! John Eric Bentley is a man full of warmth, wisdom, and laughter and you'll just want to keep him forever after listening to this episode. Not only do we discuss his time voicing Barret in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, he also talks about his childhood, love of reading...

G&G does D&D: Session Two - Search Party

Dec 2 • 47:47

It's time for ADVENTURE! The party discuss Pericles' BRASH turn to violence against a dwarf just trying to help, they begin their search for the missing Celia, and venture forth into the woods... at night... with wolves... ...

"Brizzy Voices" aka Viral YouTuber and Professional Voice Actor: Anna Brisbin

Oct 30 • 51:32

If she’s not already one of your favorite humans - she will be soon! ...

An Inside look at Ghost of Tsushima feat. Special Guest: Tohoru Masamune!

Oct 8 • 27:33

A guest from Ghost of Tsushima?! In this episode, Tohoru Masamune joins G&G to discuss his experience with performance capture for Ghost of Tsushima! ...

An Analysis of TLoU 2 and all it's DRAMA!

Sep 23 • 57:42

In this episode, Daye and Amber FINALLY discuss their thoughts and feelings regarding The Last of Us 2. Characters they liked and disliked, questions of ethics and morality in an apocalyptic world, and just WHY was there so much controversy over the direction Naughty Dog took?!  Deep thoughts and passionate opinions ahead in Episode 2 of Season 2! ...

From The Last of Us 2, Actor and Potential-Chicken-Farmer... It's Stephen Chang!

Sep 9 • 01:16:40

The Very Best of Season 1 ✅

Jul 30 • 37:07

In this episode, we say farewell to Season 1 of Gaming & Gabbing......

Ghosts of Conventions: Past, Present & Future

Jul 22 • 34:28

Hello Baby Barbarians - we are wishing you a safe and healthy convention season here from our socially distanced home studios! Today we are covering what conventions look like this year - with many of them choosing to go online. What does this mean? What does this look like? WHAT ABOUT COSPLAY?? We interviewed two of our professional cosplay friends HelloIamKate and MaidOf...

The Sims has a New Reality TV Show: "Spark'd" 🔋

Jul 15 • 39:42

Who says esports get to have all the glory? All the funding? All the prizes?! Well, HOLD ON TO YOUR BUTTS. The Sims is about to get even weirder. On TBS and Buzzfeed(!) July 26th, 2020! ...

G&G does D&D: Session One - Hungover

Jul 8 • 02:52:38

ARE YOU READY FOR SOMETHING SUPER COOL?? Daye & Amber are here to share with you their very own D&D campaign! DM extraordinaire, Elias Thompson, has been recording our session from the start for reference purposes. He and the rest of the campaign members have allowed us to take these recordings and edit them for you ears! (due to this, sound quality isn't as crispy as we'd...

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