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Podcast 44: Is gaming bad for my child?

Nov 24 • 41:39
Welcome to today's Question of Gamification, the podcast by An Coppens. And today we have a guest, Andy Robertson, who also goes by the Twitter handle @GeekDadGamer, and he's a video game journalist and the author of the book Taming Gaming.

I'm delighted to have Andy with us today because we're going to address the question of: is gaming safe for my child? And it's a funny ...

Podcast 43: How to compete in an unlevel playing field?

Jul 28 • 30:58
Welcome to a Question of Gamification, a podcast where gamification expert An Coppens answers your questions.

Today's question is
How can we compete in an unlevel playing field?
Today's question was triggered based on a number of conversations, I was having online and offline with different people and also across different sectors. So I don't think it is actually limited to t...

Podcast 42: What have the generations in work been doing in lockdown?

Jul 7 • 11:57
Welcome to a Question of Gamification! Today's question is, "what have your people been doing in lockdown?"

We will take a look at how much they've been spending their time on various tools and media, based on the global web index. We will look at where have your people hung out and you know, we'll use a few statistical research tools that have given us different insights.

Podcast 41: Are you all zoomed out?

Jun 30 • 16:56
Welcome to a Question of Gamification. I'm An Coppens the show host for the show and today's question is one of mine.
Are you all zoomed out?
Yes. I mean the Zoom online meeting system or in fact, any online webinar, meeting or conferencing tool.

In this lockdown, and thankfully for many of us, we are coming to the end of the lockdown. Or at least the end of remote working fo...

Podcast 40: What does loyalty mean in times of crisis?

May 5 • 27:52
What does loyalty mean in times of crisis

Welcome to a Question of Gamification. I am An Coppens, the show host for this show and the CEO and chief game changer at Gamification Nation. Today, I want to answer the question,  what does loyalty mean in times of crisis?

I will give a bit of a health warning to start with, that this will be a very personal and probably a very hon...

Podcast 39: What are we doing for COVID-19?

Apr 24 • 09:04
Today I wanted to give you an update of what we are doing in light of all of the lockdowns internationally. As well as all of the loss of business or contraction of business worldwide.  Thanks to the same virus. I hope at the same time that you are staying safe, keeping your distance and doing whatever the World Health Organisation or your local governments or both are tel...

Podcast 38: What is a gamification strategy?

Mar 24 • 14:23
Welcome to this week's question of gamification. My name is An Coppens. I'm the show host for this podcast and the CEO and founder of Gamification Nation. A question we get always or regularly asked, maybe not always, is what is a gamification strategy and why should I have one? Well. It's one of the first things we will embark on with most of our clients.

Whether you desig...

Podcast 37: How we took a top grossing mobile game and are making it into a recruitment, onboarding and learning solution

Mar 17 • 18:52
Welcome to this week's a question of Gamification. My name is An Coppens, I'm the show host and the CEO of Gamification Nation. This week we will follow on from our podcast from last week where we discussed how you could use Monopoly or a board game of any kind as inspiration for your game design for work solution.
How to take inspiration from top-grossing games for serious...

Podcast 36: How to use a game as inspiration for your serious game and gamification design

Mar 4 • 14:12
How games inspire us in gamification?
We want to pick a game that you all know to illustrate how we work and how it inspires what we do.

I often tell our game designers that you can make any game into something that we can use either for learning, for HR, for recruitment, onboarding, marketing, lead generation, etc. Sometimes they frown their eyebrows at me to sort of say, "...

Podcast 35: What makes a great learning game?

Feb 18 • 15:28
Welcome to this week's, a question of gamification. This week, I'm talking about what makes a great learning game. My name is An Coppens. I'm the chief game changer at Gamification Nation, and also the show host for this show.
Serious games must still be fun
We are working a lot on learning related games, HR related games, and games for all kinds of marketing related busines...

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