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Frequent updates on the developing worlds of hearing tech, hearing health, consumer audio and voice technology. Guests of the show include experts with backgrounds in audiology, consumer technology, audio, voice tech, biometric monitoring, and more. The goal of Future Ear Radio is to connect theRead more

Popular episodes

084 - Dawn Heiman, AuD - Differentiating via an Expansion of Audiological Services

Nov 23 • 01:04:37

Guest: Dawn Heiman, AuD - Owner of Advanced Audiology Consultants, CEO of EntreAudiology, Podcast Host of The Hearing Wellness Journey, President-Elect of the Academy of Doctors of Audiology (ADA)...

083 - Jon Suen, AuD - Building a Bridge Between Audiology, Gerontology, Nursing and Public Health

Nov 17 • 54:49

Guest: Jon Suen, AuD - PhD Candidate at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing; Predcotoral Trainee at Johns Hopkins Cochlear Center for Hearing & Public Health...

082 - Laurel Christensen, PhD - Charting the Past 30+ Years in Hearing Aid Innovation

Oct 22 • 58:34

Guest: Laurel Christensen, PhD - Chief Audiology Officer at GN Group...

081 - Dr. Elaine Saunders & Kat Penno - 10 Years of Pioneering Telehealth & Remote Audiology - What's Been Learned

Oct 15 • 35:18

Guests: Dr. Elaine Saunders, Co-Founder of Blamey & Saunders (acquired by Sonova); Kat Penno - Director of Hearing Health at Nuheara...

080 - Nick Morgan-Jones - Sound Enhancing Wearables that Inspire People

Sep 24 • 57:48

Guest: Nick Morgan-Jones - Butterfly Audio...

079 - Carl Robinson - Rumble Studio: Creating Better Audio Production Tools

Sep 10 • 56:29

Guest: Carl Robinson, CEO of Rumble Studio and Host of the Voice Tech Podcast...

078 - Brad Stewart, AuD - AuDflow: Leveling Up the Hearing Care Experience

Aug 12 • 55:47

Guest: Brad Stewart, AuD - Owner of ClearLife Hearing Care; Co-Founder of AuDflow...

077 - Angela Alexander, AuD - The Journey to Presenting at TEDx about Auditory Processing Disorder

Jul 29 • 45:12

Guest: Angela Alexander, AuD - Owner of Auditory Processing Network and

076 - Andy Bellavia - A New Era in Hearing Loss Solutions

Jul 15 • 01:08:14

Guest: Andy Bellavia - Director of Market Development at Knowles Corp...

075 - Brian Taylor, AuD - The Upside of Hearing Solution Optionality

Jun 25 • 01:04:05

Guest: Brian Taylor, AuD - Director of Scientific and Product Marketing at Sivantos Group...

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