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Fundraising Radio is a podcast about fundraising for early stage startups. We focus on helping founders understand how they can raise the first institutional round outside of friends and family. How to appeal to investors and how to make sure that they see in your company what you see there. WeRead more

Popular episodes

1-month accelerator - how does it work? By Brett Goldstein

Nov 26 • 26:09

Brett Goldstein, Co-Founder at Launch House talks about focusing on the new values instead of pushing old shit through accelerators and how exactly he approaches it. We spoke a lot about how the fundraising field has changed over the past years and why many accelerators are going obsolete with founders needing a better alternative. We also discussed some of the fundraising...

Charity fundraising and non-profits. By Amy Malin from Trueheart

Nov 22 • 28:06

Amy Malin, Co-Founder at Trueheart talks about how by making simple search requests you give money to non-profits instead of monopolistic corporate giants. We spoke about how fundraising for non-profits looks like and how is it different from fundraising for for-profit companies and how should one approach fundraising for such projects. ...

DocSend - how increasing prices increased conversions. By Russ Heddleston.

Nov 13 • 30:19

Russ Heddleston, Co-Founder and CEO talks about the story of DocSend and how the decision to increase their prices led to an increased conversion rate for their customers and how exactly this magic worked. We've also discussed how DocSend became so essential for the startup founders and how was the product taking shape. In this episode Russ touched onto the acquisition of

Fundraising for an open-source startup, how do you explain it to investors? By Michel Tricot, Airbyte

Nov 5 • 25:39

Michel Tricot Co-Founder at Airbyte talks about raising capital for an open-source startup. We talked about how Airbyte plans to monetize and how they managed to get into Y-Combinator. We also touched onto the effect that a good background in a relevant field has on your fundraising efforts (spoiler: it makes fundraising too easy)...

9 year overnight success - how bootstrapping pays off in long-run. By Bryan Clayton

Oct 23 • 26:30

Bryan Clayton, CEO and Cofounder at GreenPal talks about how his company outlived dozens of his competitors by NOT raising money from investors. We also discussed the future plans of the company and why their strategy might change and actually include fundraising in some form. But the major focus of the interview is on the reasons to not fundraise and on discussions of cas...

You don't want luck-based marketing - Karl Hughes about proper content marketing.

Oct 15 • 30:40

Karl Hughes, Founder and CEO at talks about content marketing, specifically focused on targeting developers. We discussed some strategies that can be applied and budget for good content marketing along with some use-cases....

2X valuation in 4 months - how and why? Kirk Marple about Unstruk Data

Oct 6 • 22:27

What is post-seed, how is it different from bridge round and is it really bad for founders to "fall out of pattern". By Paul Martino, Bullpen capital.

Sep 28 • 23:31

Paul Martino, founder at Bullpen capital talks about investing in founders who are "falling out of pattern", making post-seed investments and how such investments are different from bridge rounds. We also spoke about how founders should view such post-seed rounds and how to approach them. ...

Gathering feedback to build the company on - the story of Till Financial by Taylor Burton.

Sep 19 • 25:19

Taylor Burton, Co-Founder of Till Financial talks about the creation and fundraising of it and how they have gathered analyzed and later presented the feedback to the investors. Taylor also touched onto the major problems that they faced while building the company and some mistakes they've made early on....

RSUs VS stock options - why do stock options suck so much? Explained by Casey Fenton, founder of Upstock.

Sep 11 • 31:57

Casey Fenton, co-founder at the legendary Couchsurfing and currently founder and CEO at talks about what RSUs are and how are they different from standard stock options. We also discussed why exactly Casey hates stock options so much and what is so wrong about them. And of course we talked about Casey's experience with couchsurfing and its transition from a non-...

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