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A podcast where we talk about ways to create awareness around you today as well as healing events of your past. Vanessa will be brining both traditional and non traditional tools from psychology and Amy will be brining healing through the lense of our heart. Creating a powerful connection betweenRead more

Popular episodes

Episode 12: Riding the Flow

Nov 28 • 42:08

Episode 74: Sacrificing for your manifestations

Nov 24 • 01:06:42

Episode 11: Holidays, boundaries and our bodies.

Nov 22 • 45:31
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Tis the season! The holidays are fun and bright until...the dreaded family meal where your mom will comment on your body or other scenario's that make you cringe and want to just not go. Let's talk about ways to work through it and not to mention your free will at making choices to support your well being. Meaning if you don't want to go, don't go. You're allowed to say no...

Episode 73: 73. Holidays, obligations, and boundaries.

Nov 17 • 55:21

Episode 10: 10. When you've had enough

Nov 15 • 45:29

Episode 72: 72. Cups

Nov 11 • 57:40

Episode 71: 71. Time

Nov 3 • 53:19

Episode 9: 9. Physical Movement!

Nov 1 • 01:11:22

Episode 70: 70. Asking for help is not giving away your power.

Oct 27 • 01:06:08

Episode 7: 7. Chronic Illness Part 1

Oct 25 • 01:14:15

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