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Episode 127: "Mission to Civilize"

Dec 1 • 27:05

We are a divided country.  We gain nothing from hatred and cruelty.  We can disagree intelligently, rationally, and respectfully, in hopes of finding answers to our shared problems.

Cover Art by Jenn Agnew, used with permission.  Check out some of her other work below:

Bonus Episode: A Bigger Table

Nov 26 • 01:26:30

This is my Idealism realized completely for the first time.  It's a Thanksgiving story, but it's also about the world as I would like to see it.  It's a prequel to "Only Through Fire," which was a dark and horrifying example of the dangers of lies and ignorance.  "A Bigger Table" is a look at a world that is shaped by love and abundance.  It's a little girl's quest to brin...

Episode 125: "The Power of Gratitude"

Nov 24 • 32:29

The last 3 episodes have been dark.  For "Dimming The Light," I was in the hospital.  For "The Problem of Anger," I was explaining to my California landlord why yelling at me wasn't helpful.  "Unlocking The Gate" told the story of the horrible situation that WAS California.

Tonight, I'm bringing us back into the light.  The reason I can even do this episode is because of al...

Episode 124: "Unlocking The Gate - The Jenner Run"

Nov 17 • 38:32

If you already heard this on Patreon, you might want to play this version, simply for the improved sound quality, the additional sound effects, and the improved voicing.  I had an exceptional sound engineer, Jenner Zeno, take a run at this, and his work is brilliant....

Episode 123: The Problem of Anger

Nov 10 • 34:13

This is the last thing I wrote in California.  It was written to my, for lack of a better term, landlord (although there was never a lease), although it's not addressed to him.  I was thinking of how little good it did him to yell at me so frequently.  If you ask him, he will tell you he never yelled at me until the last night when 3 movers and a friend of mine witnessed i...

Dimming The Light

Nov 2 • 19:14

Episode 121: "The Golden Arm 2021"

Oct 26 • 20:53

Episode 120: "The Black Cat"

Oct 20 • 39:07

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Episode 119: The Blood Moon

Oct 13 • 16:57

This may, or may not, be a true story.  It is, however, undoubtedly frightening.  

This came to me from a friend who is choosing to remain anonymous....

Episode 118: Shocktober Part 1 - "Only Through Fire Anniversary Edition"

Oct 6 • 45:23

This is a completely reimagined version of our classic theater piece from last Shocktober.  There could be no better way to open this year's celebration....

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