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Founder’s Journey: Building a Startup from the Ground Up

Business • Technology

A weekly podcast by Josh Pigford, founder of Baremetrics, on his journey growing a startup.

Popular episodes

Saving you millions of dollars: asset sale vs stock sale

Dec 3 • 06:45

5 things I learned failing to sell Baremetrics for $5m

Dec 3 • 05:34

I almost sold Baremetrics for $5m

Dec 3 • 08:55

Sunsetting Intros: A post-mortem on shutting down a product we just launched

Feb 28 • 11:15

Staying mentally healthy as a founder

Feb 14 • 08:23

Yesterday I wasn't feeling great, mentally. I had a level of anxiety I hadn't felt in a long time that started in the morning and really persisted through the night. I can't pinpoint it to any one specific thing. It was more the sum of a dozen small things. I felt like I hadn't been leading the team well through a big product change, parenting has been taxing lately, I was...

Why founders need hobbies

May 9 • 07:18

As founders, a lot of our identities get wrapped up in our companies. Certainly within our industries, but even to family and friends it’s how people know us. And over time, we sort of become our companies. Most founders or CEOs are the “face” of their businesses and eventually they’re inseparable. Being wholly consumed by your company hurts not only you and the people aro...

How to identify your perfect customer

Apr 4 • 11:13

A couple of years ago, we were in a hard spot. I had just realized we were mere weeks away from running out of cash and had asked the whole team to take a pay cut while we figured out how to get profitable. But in addition to cutting costs, we needed to figure out how to speed up growth. One of the things we did to speed up growth was figure out who our “perfect customer” ...

No, that thing is not a big deal

Mar 14 • 08:19

Why we transitioned from Medium back to our own blog

Jan 24 • 11:46

Where to publish something has becoming a difficult decision for a lot of businesses. You read so many stories about using various channels to distribute content and grow traffic, it's hard to know what does and doesn't work. Medium, in particular, has become a major player in the world of startup content, but is it really that great?...

Don’t let personal health take a backseat in your company culture

Jan 10 • 13:42

When building a startup, so much emphasis is put on “the product” or even “the customers”. Everything else takes a backseat. On some level, and at some points in a company’s lifecycle, this makes sense. Of course you’ll make sacrifices and you’ll have to work really hard and work really weird hours....

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