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Hi, I'm Alex Lieberman, the co-founder and Executive Chairman of Morning Brew.Founder's Journal is my daily diary made public for the world.I give you a backstage pass into building Morning Brew to help you think better in order to build your business or build your career better.
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Best Episodes

Everyone Is a Project Manager

Dec 15, 2020




Today I talk about the importance of creating processes that turn employees into project managers.

Poker Should Be a Required Business Class

Dec 28, 2020

"This one. And the concept of pot odds - useful every week! "



Today I breakdown what business builders can learn from strategies and fundamentals of poker.

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" Awesome lesson on emotional maturity"




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Morning Brew's Views on Podcasting

May 27, 2020


Producer Josh and I dissect a few podcast ideas that came in from a Brew reader. We discuss our current views on podcasting, as well as why discoverability is so difficult.
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