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Entrepreneur, best-selling author, nonprofit founder, philanthropist, and former Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang hosts conversations about the biggest issues facing America today.

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Chamath Palihapitiya: There’s more to investing than making money

Dec 21 • 01:34:56

Andrew and Zach break down how Humanity Forward helped get stimulus checks into the newest COVID-19 relief bill. Then, Andrew sits down with venture capitalist Chamath Palihapitiya to talk about smart investing, the future of innovation, and what brings Chamath true happiness. ...

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Winning Back Rural America with Matt Jones

Oct 8 • 01:04:26

Matt Jones, host of Kentucky Sports Radio and author of Mitch, Please!, explains why Trump won blue collar small towns in 2016 and how progressives can reclaim lost ground. Matt dishes on his experience at a Congressional candidate camp and why that experience left him wanting to walk away from politics forever....

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The Future of Money: Is it too late to buy crypto?

Mar 4 • 01:02:08

On the third episode of The Future Of, Zach and Carly meet with cryptocurrency expert Ryan Sean Adams to talk about what crypto is, why it's being used, and how it can democratize our societies in the future....

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Saagar Enjeti and Andrew Yang talk government dysfunction, ranked choice voting, and open primaries

Oct 18 • 57:40

In this crossover episode of Forward, Saagar Enjeti, Marshall Kosloff, and Andrew talk about fixing the mechanics of our system, how we arrived at an accidental duopoly, and the civil war-level conflict brewing in our country....

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Wait, who won? Post-election breakdown with Yang and Friends

Nov 5 • 02:50:54

We keep it unfiltered in this packed post-election special with Andrew Yang, former campaign manager Zach Graumann, former traveling press secretary Erick Sanchez, Politico's Eugene Daniels, MSNBC columnist Liz Plank, Yang2020 finance director Carly Reilly, and former senior communications advisor to Pete Buttigieg, Lis Smith....

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Process determines outcome: Justin Amash on the rules that broke Congress.

Oct 19 • 01:37:02

Andrew and Zach talk about Congress' inability to pass a stimulus bill. U.S. Representative Justin Amash gives an inside look at why Congress is so dysfunctional, tracing our current gridlock to a decision made by Newt Gingrich in the 90s....

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Grimes on AI, motherhood, K-pop, & her love for Dune.

Nov 16 • 01:28:46

Andrew and Zach talk about the state of the 2020 race - and break down the Georgia Senate runoff. Musician, producer, and visual artist Grimes joins Andrew to talk about protecting humans from technology, the perks of being Canadian, AI-generated lullabies, and their shared love for K-pop....

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