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FOMO Sapiens with Patrick J. McGinnis


Patrick J. McGinnis, creator of the term FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), talks to leaders in business, entrepreneurship, politics, and culture. How do they choose from among the many opportunities in their busy lives and find the courage to miss out on the the rest? Patrick is the author of "The 10%Read more

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Nov 29 • 15:14

Diversify And Thrive With Sami Gayle

Nov 25 • 31:33

You may have seen her as a little girl on Broadway or recognize her from your favorite Friday night show Blue Bloods, but Sami Gayle is more than just an actress! Singer, producer, activist, and investor, Sami has managed to seamlessly diversify both her portfolio and her career, and, in this all-new episode, she shares her long-term cost averaging approach to investment s...

FOMOndays: Lets Talk About Theranos

Nov 22 • 13:48

9. Living with Integrity: Martha Beck

Nov 18 • 33:07

Harvard-educated sociologist, life coach, and author Martha Beck joins to discuss the tenets of her new book The Way of Integrity and how learning to live in the present moment will be key to building a life to live for. ...

FOMOndays: Hot Takes on HyperIce

Nov 15 • 15:33

8. Unexpected Entrepreneurship with Hyperice's Anthony Katz

Nov 11 • 34:30

Anthony Katz, founder of recovery technology company Hyperice, discusses his evolution from education to entrepreneur. From tinkering with neoprene and ice in his off time in search of a more therapeutic and effective recovery system to getting his products under the seats of every player in the NBA, Anthony explains his unexpected journey....

FOMOndays: Are You a Grinder?

Nov 8 • 13:59

7. Prompts & Practices for Success with Marc Champagne

Nov 4 • 33:31

How do you know which questions to ask yourself to make sure you are aligned with your goals? Author, speaker, and celebrated podcast host Marc Champagne discusses his new book Personal Socrates and how to identify the important questions to ask for success, growth, and mental fitness. ...

FOMOndays: Crazy TikTok Stories

Nov 1 • 14:10

6. News Not Noise with Jessica Yellin

Oct 28 • 33:33

Jessica Yellin, Emmy, Gracie, and Peabody award-winning journalist, discusses how the competition for viewership in the internet age of instant information forced her to re-evaluate her approach. If she wanted her work to align with her intention, to explain the news and not just report the noise, Jessica had to pivot and find a new way....

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