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Flying BC - Pilot Stories and Aviation Adventures

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Pilot stories and aviation adventures from Canada. From mountain and float flying stories, to warbirds and airshows, and flight training and career discussions. Flying BC takes listeners on a journey into the world of west coast flying and beyond. Hosted by Warwick Patterson.

Popular episodes

Competition Aerobatics: Christian Baxter and Mark Cunningham

Nov 27 • 01:13:26

"You can't expect perfection, but you can strive for precision, and I think they are two different things."...

Peter Grimm: Flying Seaplanes on the West Coast

Oct 18 • 01:00:55

"Your decision-making skills, everything, it benefits drastically by making the step into the float plane world."...

Linden Hoover: Flying in Antarctica and Northern Canada

Apr 6 • 36:46

"So we flew all the drums out, and laid them on the blue ice, and then we went back with pictures. We were all so happy because, you know, 100 drums, we did a good job and it looked really nice. And just the way he looked at the pictures when we showed him...we were, like, 'uh oh'. He's says, I'm really sorry guys but this won't do..."...

Christine Gervais: COPA's Strength in Numbers

Mar 24 • 45:24

"People don't necessarily know that this doesn't have to be a career. This can be something that is an add-on to your life...a fantastic add-on to your life."...

Katie Cowley: Adventures of a new Commercial Pilot

Mar 2 • 57:26

"So I sat down in the roughest water I think I've ever landed in, and it's not that big of a plane so it was pretty big waves for those little floats. And I landed so far from the camp because I just wanted to be down on the water sooner than later." ...

Michael Wilton: Tips for Buying and Selling an Aircraft

Feb 23 • 59:43

"One of the things we recommend for all clients if you're going to purchase in the US, is to send a Canadian Maintenance Engineer down across the border to view the aircraft and do your pre-buy for you."...

Anna Serbinenko: Sky Dancer

Feb 16 • 52:33

"If a commercial flight test is not successful, it's typically not a question of stick and rudder skills or knowledge. More often than not it's the lack of attention to detail."...

Dave Hadfield: 5000 miles in a Spitfire

Feb 2 • 01:28:22

"The ideal candidate is someone who's got some Tiger Moth time or Stearman. Those two airplanes are exceptional initial experience trainers because they tend to amplify your faults without killing you."...

Kimberly Lysak: Flight Instruction is Broken

Jan 19 • 55:56

"Does your instructor have a mentor? Does your instructor have someone more knowledgeable, more skilled than they are, that they are unafraid to ask questions to?"...

Vignesh Rajasekar: Inspiring Young People into Aviation

Jan 6 • 39:21

"So if you have the love of aviation and you want to spread it among youngsters, and have people come into aviation, I don't think there's a better place to start than in schools. One person joins and then all of a sudden you have a huge class."...

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