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Welcome to Flow State! A podcast designed to help you focus. I'm your host, Bobby Lyte, a DJ and producer, here to provide a curated playlist of minimal, instrumental, electronic music - the soundtrack to your work. I'll also be following the popular Pomodoro technique - 30 minutes of music forRead more

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```TALK``` S3.EPISODE 7 // Autotelic Experiences // Thanking Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi's for his discovery and research on Flow

Nov 28 • 11:36

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```TALK``` S3.EPISODE 6 // Fear is the mind-killer // How fear hinders creativity and why curiosity might be the answer.

Nov 14 • 11:08

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Season 3 Intermission

Oct 18 • 02:59

Hey fans! I'm taking a short break from the show to catch a breather and give some other areas of my life time and energy. Not to worry, I will be back very soon. In the meantime please enjoy the existing episodes - if you want even more music, you can also check out the Patreon page ( ;...

```TALK``` S3.EPISODE 4 // How to Flow

Oct 13 • 10:09

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```TALK``` S3.EPISODE 3 // 1% Better Everyday // Using existing habits (e.g. sleeping, eating, etc) to develop new habits AKA habit stacking and the importance of making small improvements daily.

Sep 17 • 09:58

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```TALK``` S3.EPISODE 2 // Morning Walks // Creating a state of alertness without anxiety, blood flow in the brain cures most concussions and human adaptability.

Sep 12 • 09:15

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Season 3 // Public Service Announcement

Jun 25 • 03:21

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