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Hang with Jules and Nic every Monday for some honest conversations where no topic is off limits and all ideas are on the table. Curated to uplift, inspire, encourage, make you laugh, and kick your week off right. Promised to help you fleurish.

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A Very Merry Holiday Survival Guide!

Nov 29 • 58:41
*TALK OF SANTA- warning for parents with younger children!!*
Today join Nic and Jules for their Season 1 FINALE of Fleurish🤍 This episode is filled with great information to help you survive the holiday season! From gift ideas, to health tips, and helpful hints on how to get through some of those family parties, this is an episode you NEED! Lots of fun and even some embarr...

We’re Dumping The Saying “If You Don’t Have Anything Nice To Say, Don’t Say Anything At All”

Nov 22 • 37:44
Today Nic & Jules explain the idea of “Radical Candor” and how to use it most effectively! By applying the principles of radical candor you will be able to build stronger relationships with those around you in a healthy and productive way! Tune in to find out if your communications style is a bit aggressive- or if your empathetic ways are actually doing more harm than good...

ORGASMS - Need We Say More???

Nov 15 • 01:07:19
ORGASMS, is there a more juicy topic?? Today we are adding to our Women’s Health Series with a hot & heavy subject! Did you know Orgasms regulate your hormones and are detrimental for your health? We are about to blow your minds with some science backed facts & some sexy chatting everyone wishes they could talk about but feels too embarrassed to! This is a MUST listen!


Lying To Your Partner, Best Friend Drama, Zero Sex Drive - What Would Fleurish Do!?

Nov 8 • 01:37:44
You guys asked, and they delivered!!! Today Nic and Jules are back with a “What Would Fleurish Do?” Episode! You all sent in your questions, and the girls give you their best advice on what they’d do in your current situations! *Trigger warning: includes talk of sexual assault*

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Can’t Stop Comparing!! SOS!

Nov 1 • 01:10:16
Today Nic and Jules talk about inspiration vs. comparison! How to change your mindset from being envious of others- to content with where you’re at and using those feelings for personal growth! They also touch on how being genuinely happy for others accomplishments will leave you feeling better than before! Filled with good information and tips, this one will definitely le...

PEP TALK! Enjoying What You Have, Instead Of Chasing What You Don’t!

Oct 25 • 01:07:31
Today Nic and Jules go through Brianna Weist’s tips on being grateful for the things in your life that you already have instead of always trying to chase bigger and better! A feel good episode with so many good takeaways that you won’t want to miss! Grab your journal, you’ll want to take a few notes on this one!

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5 min Journal lin...

Spilling All Our Truths To All Your Assumptions About Us!

Oct 18 • 01:38:20
Today Nic and Jules spill all of their secrets in an assumptions episode! You all wrote in and they’re here to confirm if your thoughts of them are true or false! This one is juicy and filled with a lot of new facts about your BFF’s that you’ve never known!

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Being A Female Marine In Afghanistan, Sexual Trauma, PTSD - How Therapy & Mindset CAN Heal!

Oct 11 • 01:57:39
TRIGGER WARNING: This episode contains talk of sexual assault, suicide, and explicit language
Today Nic and Jules sit down with Leah, a former United States Marine who courageously served our country in Afghanistan. She explains in detail what it’s like to be a woman in the Military, and about the raw and real truths of going to war. She talks about her struggles with PTSD...

Your Body Does, WHAT?!😳

Oct 4 • 01:10:29
Sometimes we feel like we have a bit of a theme going on here with our obsession with the human body, the functions, sex, the hormones, our brains, so today we are sharing random fascinating facts about our bodies! You’ll be shocked, and most definitely feel appreciation for all the things it does for you!

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Sexy, Fun, And Simple Ways To Spice Up Your Relationship!

Sep 27 • 01:23:54
WARNING: Discretion advised for young listeners: sexual content included.
Who doesn’t love some saucy sex talk?Today Nic and Jules talk about some very fun and also very sexy ways to keep your relationship fun, healthy, and exciting!! They each share some examples of things that they do in their own relationships and also share listeners tips as well! From spa days & date ...

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