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Flash Forward


Flash Forward is a show about possible (and not so possible) future scenarios. What would the warranty on a sex robot look like? How would diplomacy work if we couldn’t lie? Could there ever be a fecal transplant black market? (Complicated, it wouldn’t, and yes, respectively, in case you’reRead more

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ROBOTS: Should A Robot Be Allowed To Kill?

Nov 24 • 01:16:32

Today we travel to a future where militaries employ killer robots. Should a robot be allowed to take a human life? Is the speed of war increasing too quickly? What does a tech worker do when they find out their work is being used for war?...

ROBOTS: Will Robots Ever Defeat Human Athletes?

Nov 10 • 01:06:24

Today’s episode is part one in our FOUR PART MINI SEASON SERIES AND SHOW FINALE [airhorn noises]. We’re going out with a robotic bang: four episodes about four different ways that robots might impact your life in the future, starting with sports. Also, you'll hear a special announcement about the future of the show....

What If We Could Shrink Humans?

Oct 27 • 55:24

Today’s episode is about a future where humans learn how to shrink ourselves. What are the ethics of making someone smaller against their will? Would we keep all our fingers and toes? Would we even be considered humans anymore?...

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What If We Could Shrink Technology?

Oct 13 • 58:14

Today’s episode is all about making our technologies and medicines tiny. Like, super tiny. ...

Can You Find This Human?

Sep 28 • 58:56

Today we travel to a future where your face is findable no matter where you go. ...

What Is The Future Of Gender?

Sep 22 • 58:33

Today we revisit an episode from way back in season one, and ask: what even is gender in the first place? How could it be different? Why does science fiction like playing with gender? And what would happen if we removed it from our legal identities?...

Can We Conquer Fire?

Sep 1 • 48:54

Today’s episode is all about fire: how does it work? Why is it so dangerous? And could we ever make it safe? And it's an extra special episode because it's hosted by Julia Llinas Goodman!...

What Could A Better Economy Look Like?

Aug 18 • 57:38

Today’s episode is about a future where the economy revolves around gifts, instead of money....

Could Humans Become Nocturnal?

Jul 20 • 45:35

Today’s episode is about a future where humans get weird with sleep. First, what if we tried to take shifts all day, every day? Second, what if we tried to become nocturnal?...

Could Mind Control End Crime?

Jul 6 • 01:06:14

Today’s episode is about a future where we try to control crime with brain implants....

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