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In five minutes, Five on Design covers a broad range of topics for graphic designers, freelancers and other creative or entrepreneurial types.

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Dec 28 • 02:50

Resolutions for Designers

Dec 25 • 05:34

Don't be afraid to charge for rush work

Dec 21 • 06:14
Among the many focuses I had as a new freelance designer, one of the big things that I was always concerned about was client satisfaction. I never wanted to drop the ball or give clients reason to fire me, or worse, not want to work with me again. As a result, if a client came to me with a rush project, I was apprehensive to charge a rush rate. I'd charge my normal rate un...

What did you learn this year?

Dec 18 • 06:08

Dealing with designer's block

Dec 14 • 06:20
It's one of the worst feelings on the planet: you sit down to start work on a project and realize that you don't have a single creative idea of what to do. it's even worse when you have a deadline looming, or a client sitting over your shoulder, expecting you to come up with something. Depending on who you work with, you get some rough advice about how you can "just do thi...

The art of doing design you don't like

Dec 11 • 05:46
As designers, there are certain things that we enjoy doing and certain things we don't enjoy doing. This can be a departure from what got us into design in the first place: creating things we like or are passionate about. Getting further into your career, its inevitable that you get a project or two that you don't enjoy working on as much. So how get into a creative mindse...

Don't force your clients to use project management software

Dec 7 • 05:56
It's easy to see why project management software exists. When I started my design career, I was so frustrated when clients wouldn't read emails, skip steps, or deviate from our design process. I was so excited discovering the world of project management apps—I could finally keep things on track in a structured setting. In my mind, this was going to make my life much easier...

Gift ideas for your clients

Dec 4 • 06:35

Tips for your first day as a graphic designer

Nov 30 • 06:18
One of the things that's most exciting as a graphic designer that doesn't involve starting a new project. It's usually starting at a new place of work. It's exciting to get past the interview process and realize that you're the person for the job. So you show up on your first day excited to show off everything, you know that you're a hard worker, and that you're going to c...

Subcontractors and clients

Nov 27 • 06:30

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