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Podcast sharing stories of Asian American founders and entrepreneurs who have taken a leap of faith to create something they're passionate about, despite the allure and pressures of traditional paths. We’re on a journey to find their quirky, sometimes smelly, but critical sauce that hopefullyRead more

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Ep 26: The World's Greatest Hype Man with Justin Kan

May 14 • 41:26

Ep 25: Headfirst into Shortcomings with Eric Feng, Partner at KPCB & Co-Founder/CEO of Packagd

Apr 22 • 00:00

We jam with Eric Feng, Partner at Kleiner Perkins (KPCB) and Co-founder/CEO of Packagd. Unlike previous guests, Eric plays dual roles as both an operator and investor. 📈He is the co-founder of Packagd, a startup improving the mobile shopping experience, and is also a full-time partner at Kleiner Perkins. Eric's career is no short of amazing operational feats - he was also...

Ep 24: Emotion Inspired Productions with Phil Wang, Co-Founder of WongFu Productions

Apr 9 • 00:00

Part 3 of 3 of our LA Series, we'll be interviewing one of our childhood idol’s - Phil Wang from Wong Fu Productions. 🎥...

Ep 23: Investing in LA with Eva Ho, General Partner at Fika Ventures

Mar 27 • 00:00

Part 2 of 3 of our LA Series 🌴 Eva Ho, General Partner at Fika Ventures, a technology fund she started which invests mainly in data-focused and AI-enabled start-ups. 📊As a Entrepreneur-in-Residence of LA, she's betting on the LA ecosystem. A serial entrepreneur and founder at heart, she was previously a founding General Partner at Susa Ventures and founding executive at ...

Ep 22: Dropout to Successful Entrepreneur w/ Mike Zhang, CEO & Co-Founder of Shift Ventures

Mar 12 • 32:08

Today we'll be speaking with Mike Zhang, CEO and Co-Founder of Shift Ventures. Shift Ventures is home to brands like The Drip Club and strives to build world-class brands in the booming e-liquid space. 🌊 At just 25, he has multiple companies and a solid exit under his belt....

Ep 21: Building a team through IPO with Melody Koh, former Head of Product at Blue Apron and Venture Partner at NextView Partners

Feb 26 • 00:00

🎙Today, we release Melody Koh, starting with her decision to join Blue Apron👩‍🍳 as the first product hire, and ultimately the Head of Product through IPO. The values instilled by her parents in test-taking transferred into her work ethic and contributed her style of leadership, which she translates to her org as she managed more, including her peers early on. After IPO,...

Ep 20: Building an Online VC Community with Alex Mittal, Co-Founder & CEO of FundersClub

Feb 5 • 00:00

Alex Mittal is the Co-Founder and CEO at FundersClub, the world's first online VC platform. 💰With the aspiration of removing human bias from fundraising, FundersClub is an online marketplace that uses software and networks to discover, fund, and support founders. Previously, Alex was a serial entrepreneur, having buit everything from Crederity (background checking and dat...

Ep 19: Tech-Enabling the Family Business with James Joun, Co-founder & COO of Rinse

Jan 21 • 00:00

Today we're releasing featuring James Joun - Co-Founder and COO at Rinse 👔, previous Investor @Essex Woodlands, product @Genentech, and HBS MBA/Dartmouth BA grad. Growing up, James gained unprecedented industry expertise having worked in his parent’s Laundry store for over 25 years. After a career in consulting, going to business school, and finally investing/building hea...

Ep 18: A Passion Driven Career with Preethi Kasireddy

Dec 18 • 32:52

Ep 17: Enabling Communities and Marketplaces with Dave Lu, Co-Founder and President of Pared

Dec 4 • 00:00

🎙Today, we release a new episode with Dave Lu, Co-Founder of Pared and previously Fanpop 📈 💪. Dave co-founded restaurant labor marketplace: Pared. He was also previously founder and CEO of Fanpop, a destination website for fans of pop culture. Dave has also worked at some of the biggest names in consumer technology (Apple, eBay, Sony, Yahoo!). If you're interested in th...

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