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Join Pat the Shuffler and Dave from Strong Money Australia as they discuss how to reach Financial Independence and Retire Early (FIRE) in Australia. Learn to build a strong financial base of high savings and robust investments, so you can create your best life, and enjoy a happy early retirement.

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41. FIRE Away! - Listener Questions Roundup #5

Nov 29 • 40:06

In this episode, we answer a bunch of questions sent in by listeners.  A really nice variety of questions with something for people at every stage of the FI journey.  Hope you enjoy!

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40. Robo-Advisors (Six Park & Stockspot)

Nov 15 • 48:28

In this episode we discuss the idea of using a 'robo-advisor' to handle our investments.  We cover how they work,  their investment strategies, how much they cost, the pros and cons of using a robo-advisor compared to investing by yourself and much more.

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39. Savings with Benefits

Nov 1 • 01:00:14

In this week's podcast we share some savings ideas which help you sharpen your finances and give you more cash to invest, as well as plenty of other life-enhancing benefits!

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38. Should You DIY Your Entire Finances?

Oct 18 • 50:14

In this podcast, we discuss whether outsourcing anything financial makes sense, or whether we should strive to do it all ourselves.  We cover planning, investment portfolios, paying for advice, accounting, budgeting and more.

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37. Creating A Runway to Retirement (Pat's Transition Plan)

Oct 4 • 49:43

In today's episode we dive deeper into Pat's plans to transition into semi-retirement.  Hear the full story on how he's going to do it and what he's weighing up. 

We also discuss the trade-offs between working more and retiring sooner, common concerns and fears around leaving work.  Whichever stage of the FI journey you're in, you'll get value from this one.

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36. FIRE Away! - Listener Questions Roundup #4

Sep 20 • 31:24

In this podcast, we open the mailbag and answer some of our favourite personal finance and investing questions that have been sent in by listeners.  Hope you enjoy!

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35. Basics vs Luxuries: 120 Years of Perspective

Sep 6 • 39:19

In today's show, we zoom out and look at how much our lifestyles have changed in the last 20, 70, 120 years. 

What did people used to spend their money on compared to today?  How much did people have left after paying their bills, and how has that changed over time?

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34. How to Manage an Investment Portfolio

Aug 23 • 43:03

In today's episode we chat about the practical ways to manage a share portfolio. We discuss how often to buy, balancing your portfolio, what we do personally, dealing with taxes, and more.

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33. Thoughts For Young High Income Earners

Aug 9 • 42:57

 Young high income earners have a unique opportunity to build wealth and reach financial independence relatively quickly.  In this episode we discuss what they can do to make the most of their situation, and the traps to avoid.

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32. Investment Bonds Examined: Benefits and Drawbacks

Jul 26 • 55:58

In this episode we take a deep dive into investment bonds, also known as insurance bonds.  These are investments which are structured to be tax effective and come with special rules.  We break down the ins and outs and share a few examples to see when investment bonds might be a good idea.

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