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Finding My Yum


Join Geri Courtney-Austein, actor, comedian, former goodie two shoes, on her journey to find her yum and explore everyone else’s.

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Let’s Talk Poly - with Tara Lynne Franco and Andre Turcotte

Nov 11 • 51:00

It is our LAST episode of FMY… for now :). And what a way to go out with Tara and Andre! Tara is a relationship and awesomeness coach and Andre is a sex positive registered Psychotherapist and together they cofounded T&A. They talk about their own relationship and journey exploring different dynamics and their version of polyamory. How Tara and Andre both found new possibi...

Rebroadcast: Reproductive Psychology with Dr. Sarah Kauffman

Aug 5 • 01:05:17

We are thrilled and honored to bring you this episode with the brilliant Dr. Sarah Kauffman, AGAIN :)! She talks us through the field of reproductive psychology, the role psychiatrists have played historically with abortion, and the physical and psychological changes that happen during pregnancy. We are always excited to talk with experts, and Dr. Kauffman blew us away. En...

On Set as an Intimacy Coordinator - With Marci Liroff and Chantal Cousineau

Jul 22 • 01:12:05

What an absolute joy it was talking to these two amazing women, Marci Liroff and Chantal Cousineau, all about their work as intimacy coordinators. We talk about the training involved to become an intimacy coordinator and the power and necessity of precise language and transparency from the audition process to the day of filming. We discuss the protections under the new SAG...

Life as a Bilateral Amputee, Fitness Competitor, and Pole Dancer - with Barb Thomas

Jul 8 • 45:34

I had such an inspiring chat with Barb!! She lost her arms in an electrical accident at the age of 2 1/2 years old and has grown to be a woman who has learned to live life independently. She is a mom, an accomplished athlete, and a mentor. We talk all about her upbringing, her journey to pole dancing (spoiler alert she competed and WON at an amateur stripping contest), pav...

Submission Possible, Feminist Porn, and Sexual Revolution - With Madison Young

Jun 24 • 57:38

What an absolute gift to have superstar Madison young on the podcast!! Madison is a sexual revolutionary with an incredible body of work - acclaimed author, a trailblazer of the feminist porn movement, creator of an award winning one womxn show and host and director of a NEW documentary series, Submission Possible, available now on Revry TV. We talk about their art collect...

Housing Law and Inclusive Language - with Dan Kozieja

Jun 10 • 46:36

Housing Law and Inclusive Language – with Dan Kozieja...

Activism, Adversity, and Stripping - with the Queen of Sexy

May 27 • 01:00:57

Rebroadcasting and Remembering Mistress Velvet

May 13 • 01:02:38

A multi-orgasmic experience - with Dominus Eros

Apr 29 • 01:01:39

This week on Finding My Yum we are joined by Dominus Eros - a sex educator/coach, event coordinator, studio owner, founder of daddy retreat and pagans paradise, massage therapist, tantric healer and BDSM pro-Dom! He talks to us about the different paths towards orgasm, and how not every sexual experience needs to end with ejaculation. It's a perspective we are thrilled to ...

Sexual Medicine and Anatomy - with Dr. Kris Christiansen

Apr 15 • 01:10:35

This week we are joined by Doctor Kris Christiansen! She comes on the show to talk about her specialization in sexual medicine, treating sexual dysfunction, and all her cool diagrams and models!.She's a delight and it's a really fun conversation to listen to - plus updates from Geri and Will about their anxieties heading out of the pandemic...

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