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Plenty of books, podcasts and blogs focus on building wealth – and that’s great, as far as it goes. But focusing just on wealth misses the point. I believe what most of us actually want is to have choice. Choice in how much time we give to income-producing activities. Choice about whatRead more

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Disruption in Australia's financial world with Mat Blas

Dec 7 • 35:08

MARKET NOISE - No more "transitory", Will there be an Aussie Robinhood?, Could there be an upside to Omicron for markets?, and plenty more

Dec 6 • 54:56

Breaking the mental barriers upon receiving an inheritance

Dec 1 • 08:59

Receiving an inheritance can often come with plenty of baggage attached. The most obvious is that someone has had to die, usually someone very close to you, for you to be the beneficiary of this financial gift. But the challenges don’t end there....

MARKET NOISE - Markets Shudder, Property prices to drop, Inside the Italian Stock Market, and plenty more

Nov 29 • 40:09

Property Market Update with Buyers Agent Emily Wallace

Nov 24 • 35:36

MARKET NOISE - Asian Dev. Bank shuts down coal plants, Stable Coins, Bored Apes, and plenty more

Nov 22 • 47:42

MARKET NOISE - America's greatest company comes to an end, Australian miner strikes it big, how will COP26 effect Africa, and plenty more

Nov 15 • 44:42

Why Do Bond Markets Matter to the Stock Market?

Nov 10 • 15:06

After 10 consecutive months of gains, the Australian share market declined in September, heralding a period of volatility that continues today. There is never a single catalyst driving markets, instead, there's a confluence of views that tend to drive either positive or negative momentum. But in this most recent period of volatility, there has been one factor receiving the...

MARKET NOISE - CBA's crypto move, Domino's gets smashed, SYD succumbs, and more

Nov 8 • 32:21

MARKET NOISE - Australian Crypto ETF, Greatest Trade Ever?, Big Tech, Tesla, and where to for house prices

Nov 1 • 35:53

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