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My name is Ronan Levy, and I’d like to invite you to join me on a field trip. Tune in each week as I speak with the scientists, entrepreneurs, artists and athletes exploring the limits of the human mind. Learn how psychedelics, meditation and self-discovery practices have changed their lives andRead more

Popular episodes

Natural Born Visionaries | Brian Muraresku

Nov 30 • 01:20:02

Brian Muraresku, author of “The Immortality Key,” joins Ronan to discuss how psychedelics may have been instrumental to the rise of Christianity, and why despite writing one of the most acclaimed books on psychedelics, Brian himself has never tried them. They dive into the mantra, “to die before you die means you don’t die when you die” and why it may be the secret to a li...

The Alter Ego Effect | Todd Herman

Nov 23 • 01:15:09

Todd Herman, the author of the WSJ and International Best Selling Book, “The Alter Ego Effect: The Power of Secret Identities to Transform Your Life,” joins Ronan to discuss Todd’s experiences with MDMA assisted therapy to overcome sexual trauma, the power of alter egos, and whether there exists a one true authentic self. He is also a speaker and coach focused on mental to...

Music for Psychedelic Therapy | Jon Hopkins

Nov 16 • 01:02:52

Jon Hopkins, a highly acclaimed musician and electronic music producer, joins Ronan from across the pond to discuss the inspiration and creative process for his new record “Music for Psychedelic Therapy,” his own journey with psychedelic medicine, posthumously collaborating with Ram Dass, and more! Jon’s works have been Grammy and Mercury Prize nominated, he has done film ...

The Bipolar Philanthropist | Sanjay Singhal

Nov 9 • 01:15:21

Sanjay Singhal joins Ronan to discuss his personal journey through his bipolar disorder diagnosis, what excites him about the changes and research emerging in the psychedelic industry, and what a better world looks like to him if all the hopes around psychedelics come to fruition. He gives some really sound advice on how to find happiness for yourself and the people in you...

All Out War | Jesse Gould

Nov 2 • 01:23:49

Jesse Gould joins Ronan to discuss his path into the Army and his difficulties of leaving the military, how psychedelics can assist the mental health of military veterans, and how the war on drugs restricted medicines that could have helped heal the traumas of countless servicepeople. After three deployments in Afghanistan as a US Army Ranger, Jesse Gould encountered a myr...

Shabbat Sharoom | Greg Ferenstein

Oct 19 • 01:17:15

Greg Ferenstein joins Ronan to discuss how psychedelics can make you a better co-worker, his field research in Silicon Valley, mental health advocacy, psychedelic policy reform, and more! Greg is a scientific consultant to mental health programs and psychedelic startups through his firm, Frederick Research. He’s also currently a scientific advisor on psychedelics and gathe...

Precision Mental Health | Zak Williams & Dr. Raghu Appasani

Oct 12 • 01:25:35

On this episode we are joined by guests Zak Williams, son of the late actor/comedian Robin Williams, and the founder of the MINDS Foundation, psychiatrist Dr. Raghu Appasani. They discussed their service and advocacy for mental health, their own mental health journeys, psychedelics, the importance of nutrition, and more! After Zak’s father’s death in 2014, Zak’s anxiety be...

Great Spirit Peyote | Alyson Charles

Sep 21 • 01:22:57

Internationally renowned shaman, best-selling author, and host of the Ceremony Circle Podcast, Alyson Charles (aka Rock-Star Shaman), joins Ronan to discuss the powerful awakening and transformation into her current identity, her healing experiences with plant medicine, her unique and powerful relationship to the animal kingdom, and more! She went from being a national cha...

When I Knew There was More | East Forest

Sep 14 • 01:10:35

Krishna Trevor Oswalt (professionally known as East Forest), joins Ronan to discuss what "psychedelic music" is, his time spent with Ram Dass, changing his name, the notion of “channeling,” and more. East Forest is a multidisciplinary artist who has devoted his life to his music, spirituality and mindfulness. His records combine elements of electronic music and natural fie...

I Don't Need Your Help | Mike "Zappy" Zapolin

Aug 31 • 57:17

Mike “Zappy” Zapolin has been referred to as a “psychedelic concierge,” who has dedicated himself to the expansion of human consciousness. He is an entrepreneur and trend-spotter of internet domain names, cannabis, and now the psychedelic economy. As a film-maker, his documentary film, “The Reality of Truth,” explores his ayahuasca experience in Peru, and features Deepak C...

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