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Cosmic Log's podcast from the place where science and technology intersect with science fiction and popular culture, hosted by science writer Alan Boyle. Support this podcast:

Popular episodes

'Don't Look Up': A comedy about cosmic threats

Dec 6 • 29:19

Cat Rambo explains how to launch a space opera

Nov 11 • 21:28

Neal Stephenson on the metaverse and the climate crisis

Nov 6 • 34:54

Christof Koch on the mysteries of consciousness

Oct 31 • 34:34

Fact and fiction in the billionaire space race

Jul 26 • 33:54

Octavia E. Butler's classic sci-fi reborn as graphic novel

Jul 17 • 35:51

The meaning of life, death ... and black holes

Jun 6 • 25:40

Outer space gets stripped down in 'Voyagers'

Apr 8 • 19:02

Why Michio Kaku believes the God Equation will be our salvation

Apr 6 • 36:43

Bonus: Talking fiction with Nathaniel Rich

Mar 30 • 17:23

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