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Listen to talks presented at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas – the original disruptive festival. FODI features a line-up of leading experts from around the world, who bring bold ideas to complex issues. The festival seeks to challenge orthodox opinion, interrogate accepted truths, break throughRead more

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A.C. Grayling (2015) | Bad Education

Oct 31 • 37:24

A.C. Grayling says “to read is to fly”. The distinguished philosopher who has dedicated his life to examining knowledge believes we need a revolution in education. But many of us grapple with the question: what is education for? And is this the right question to ask?  ...

Don't Trust the Scientists (2016) | Tim Flannery, Alok Jha, Natasha Mitchell & Lee Vinsel

Oct 4 • 01:02:22

In our current state of the world, are scientists the new gods? Do we increasingly rely on science to solve our problems, and are we stretching the scientific method to mystique? If we can’t trust scientists, is it possible to still trust science?  ...

Nanny State (2015) | Chris Berg

Sep 10 • 28:20

If we don’t think our fellow citizens are capable of making the right choices about what they eat and drink, why do we think they are capable of voting?...

A Killer Can Be a Good Neighbour (2013) | Erwin James

Aug 2 • 01:00:21

When someone commits a crime, we want them punished. If wrongdoers go to prison more often and for longer, everyone seems happy....

Gender Doesn't Matter (2016) | Jesse Bering, Raewyn Connell Cordelia Fine & Elizabeth Anne Riley

Jul 8 • 58:16

With more people coming out as gender fluid, transitioning or on a spectrum of gender identity, it's clear the biological constraints of gender today have loosened. But how do we deal with enduring gender-based social inequality and injustice? Will we ever get to a point in society where gender doesn’t matter? ...

Satyajit Das (2016) | The Bill Is Due

May 17 • 51:45

Today the human race faces existential challenges. Our prosperity has been built on unsustainable economic and environmental practices — but our social and political processes seem incapable of fixing anything. Why are we unable to even acknowledge the truth of our predicament?...

Lionel Shriver (2016) | Break A Rule A Day

Mar 9 • 01:05:19

When you're on a bicycle at a red light with no car or pedestrian in sight, do you still wait for the green? Do you obey every single law? Surely fearful compliance with every niggling regulation defies the much-vaunted "freedom" that is the premise of democracy. Maybe that’s what drives our fascination with film and fiction criminality: we envy renegades. Is breaking a ru...

Little Bad Thing Trailer

Feb 28 • 01:06

The End Of The World As We Know It (2014) | Tim Flannery, Elizabeth Kolbert, Steven Pinker & Jaan Tallinn

Jan 3 • 01:02:12

What does the future hold? A reign of world peace with stunning medical breakthroughs conquering death, illness and disease? Or a world where human beings have destroyed the web of living things and put our own existence at risk by playing with science we don’t fully understand? Must we think in terms of these extremes to create a positive future or prevent disaster?...

Helen Joyce (2015) | The Right To Die

Nov 30 • 41:43

Why is the right to doctor-assisted dying supported by so many and legal for so few? ...

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