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Fck Work but Ima Go podcast is hosted by 2 HR Professionals (Natasha & Jenna) along with Comedian Jeremy Anderson and HR/Compliance Experts as special guests. With different professionally ratchet (pratchet) backgrounds in human resources, Natasha and Jenna came together to be HR 4 the Culture. OnRead more

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Ep. 059 - Non-Vaccination Disqualifies for Unemployment

Nov 29 • 25:29

Natasha and Jenna releases a mini-season with special guest Kevonna McAnuff, your #gethired Coach discussing how termination for non-vaccination can disqualify people for unemployment. Kevonna is a Certified Human Resources professional, Career Strategist and HR Consultant with a dope brand called "A Poised Professional" to help ambitious job hunters save time spent job hu...

Ep. 058 - Season Finale | Let Me Cap on My Resume

Jun 21 • 01:00:04

Natasha and Jenna vents about when lying on your resume goes wrong in the interview and they ask specific questions about it. Jenna covers the Employment Law, "17 States signed in to order a new laws to increase their minimum wage." The 17 states are Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, Ohio,...

Ep. 057 - Interviewing with Kids in the Background

Jun 14 • 39:46

Natasha and Jenna vents about trying to have employment interviews with kids turning up or crying in the background. Interviewers can request a quiet background but during the pandemic companies have had to adjust to at home environments with virtual learning from home being a thing. Natasha and Jenna covers the Employment Law in Washington that was signed in to order a ne...

Ep. 056 - We Don't Wish Viral on Anybody that Doesn't Want to Be

Jun 7 • 40:37

Natasha and Jenna vents about going viral on social media about something random that happens at work and your company having something to say. Have you went viral and it was work-related? Ooooooo you'll love this! Natasha and Jenna covers the Employment Law in Colorado as they signed in to order 2 new laws "Paid Leave" and "Pay Equity & Discrimination." The "Paid Leave" i...

Ep. 055 - Feeling Pressured into Entrepreneurship

Jun 7 • 37:31

Natasha and Jenna vent about the pressure of being an Entrepreneur when you want to be a nine to five. After the pandemic, so many nine to fivers lost their employment or quit their employment and pivot into Entrepreneurship. Jenna talked about her journey into Entrepreneurship and how she's balancing both. Natasha and Jenna covers the Employment Law in Connecticut, "Paid ...

Ep. 054 - Extreme Turbo Multitasking, it's Levels to it

May 17 • 55:23

Natasha and Jenna vents about having to be the teacher assistant with virtual learning AND be the best employee while working from home. Natasha swears it's a such thing as an extreme turbo multitasking level for all the balancing stay at home moms have to endure! Natasha got the Employment Law for the week, Louisiana passed a Senate bill to redefine the "Employee Definiti...

Ep. 053 - Why Black People Don't Apply for Certain Jobs

May 3 • 45:09

Natasha and Jenna vents about having a coworker that wants to be somebody with authority so bad. Please go sit down somewhere! Jenna and Natasha discussed the Employment Law, Iowa signed in to order an amended law for "Wage & Hour – Garnishments" relating to garnishment proceedings. This amended law limits the amount of wages that can be garnished for student loans repayme...

Ep. 052 - Reading Email Tones and Domestic Violence PTO

Apr 26 • 48:23

Natasha and Jenna vents about managers sending passive aggressive emails and testing your gangsta. We're not taking none of this energy in 2021, they better find somebody else. Natasha covers the Employment Law for Hawaii upgraded their law "Protected Time Off – Domestic Violence." They made change to documents that an employer may request to verify that an employee is a v...

Ep. 051 - The stress of having a 9to5 and other streams of income

Apr 19 • 52:20

Good Morning Pratchets! Natasha and Jenna vent about trying to have 7 streams of income being skressful. Nowadays you had to have a side hustle, investing in stocks, working a 9to5 and whatever else society forces on us to do. Jenna gives us a new Employment Laws that enacted 2 new employment laws that explunges certain criminal records and puts on a cap of deductions for ...

Ep. 050 - WFH Gaining Weight & Binging Shows

Apr 12 • 43:11

We are baaaccckkkkkkkkk with Season 7 and JJ (Jeremy Anderson) moved on to bigger things in acting and comedy. Jenna and Natasha vent about still working from home (WFH) because TV Shows are becoming repetitive and let's not talk about being Quarantine Thicck!!!! Natasha and Jenna covers the Employment Law, "Governor Newsom (California) signed over 20 new labor and employm...

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