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A podcast that unlocks the alchemy of Radiohead — one song, music video, or live performance at a time. In each episode we will interview a critic, musicologist, musician, director, or other noteworthy fan about a specific feature in Radiohead’s work to discover what makes the band’s sound soRead more

Popular episodes

When Yorke Met Björk

Jan 16 • 26:32

"Daydreaming" / Radiohead Come Full Circle

Jun 5 • 38:33

From the beginning, Radiohead kept their focus on the future....

Sonic Allusions in "Idioteque" and "Pyramid Song"

May 22 • 41:59

After the wild success of OK Computer, Radiohead was under immense pressure from critics and fans to provide a worthy follow-up. Several hoped for an OK Computer part two, with the same intricate, guitar-based melodies. ...

"Nude" / A 10-Year Evolution

May 8 • 34:32

Whether they know it or not, fans who attend Radiohead performances are witnessing music history as it is being written. And I’m not just saying that because I’m obsessed enough with Radiohead to make a podcast about them. I say that because Radiohead often tests unreleased or in-progress songs through their live performances....

Between the Lines: Analyzing Radiohead's Lyrics

Apr 24 • 32:08

Understanding Radiohead's lyrics is a common complaint for first-time listeners. It almost makes me wonder if “Creep” was such a hit because, in part, you can understand the lyrics so well. Whereas with songs like “The Gloaming” or “The National Anthem,” you may only pick up on every other word. ...

In Defense of "The King of Limbs"

Apr 10 • 28:59

After the tremendous success of In Rainbows, Radiohead fans expected an explosive follow-up record. Instead, they received 37 minutes—the band's shortest yet—of synthesized loops, rhythmic layers, and restrained vocals. For that and other reasons, The King of Limbs is often found near the bottom of fans' "Best Of" lists. But Deepcuts creator Oliver Kemp argues that the alb...

How Radiohead Bridges Genres / Q&A with Christopher O'Riley

Apr 3 • 54:41

In our second episode we learned about the various timbres Radiohead uses to craft a unique sonic landscape. From the chunky guitar of “Creep” to the eerie synth of “Like Spinning Plates,” Radiohead is purposeful in the instruments and effects they choose to convey a message....

"Paranoid Android" / OK Some Humor

Mar 26 • 24:19

On the Origin of Radiohead

Mar 13 • 28:45

Today’s episode isn’t about a specific song. But it does serve as a belated preface to the theme of our first season: Radiohead and the press. ...

"Like Spinning Plates" / The Science of Radiohead

Feb 28 • 24:33

“Like Spinning Plates” may be one of the most experimental tracks Radiohead has produced. It appears near the end of their fifth studio album, Amnesiac. The tracks from Amnesiac were produced during the Kid A sessions. But rather than release a 20-track LP, the band decided to release the other songs a year later as a separate album....

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