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Two grown dirtbags just trynna navigate and survive the millennial male zeitgeist. If you have any money you'd like to give us or any constructive criticism you'd like us to 360 degree tomahawk slam dunk into the trash can please email us:

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Born to Run with 18 East's Antonio Ciongoli

Dec 16 • 02:47:12

Let's try this again. In a shocking turn of events, the boys are BACK this week with our SEASON 11 premiere. The boys are joined by long-time homie, 18 East's Antonio Ciongoli. Antonio hits the stu to talk about cutting his teeth amongst the greats at Ralph Lauren, his untouchable design pedigree, and then venturing out and doing things his own way at 18 East. Then, in wha...

All Fits Matter Pt. II with Pardon My Take’s PFT Commenter

Dec 2 • 01:41:18

All Fits Matter Pt. I with Pardon My Take’s PFT Commenter

Nov 27 • 01:29:40

Fit Pic Stolen Valor Pt. II with GQ’s Mark Anthony Green

Nov 19 • 02:11:40

Fit Pic Stolen Valor Pt. I with GQ’s Mark Anthony Green

Nov 14 • 01:39:46

Dirty Bulking with Rowing Blazers’ Jack Carlson

Nov 7 • 02:03:28

Jimmy and Larry are hitting the high seas this week with none other than Rowing Blazers' founder Jack Carlson. Jack joins the boys to talk through prep's revival, the pizza and soda-based diet of a champion rower, the subtle art of turd hazing and what it's like collaborating with all of your favorite brands. Then, in Captain's Log/Letters to Home, we've got ourselves the ...

Luxury Podding with Jeremy Kirkland

Oct 31 • 02:55:36

This week, the boys are bringing you the only jawnz ep that matters, featuring none other than Blamo!'s Jeremy Kirkland. Jeremy hits the stu to talk about what it takes to dress like a cool dad, how to finesse your way to Italy, why FU is his favorite podcast, and the differences between class and swag. Then, in Captain's Log/Letters to Home, James breaks down how he milke...

FU Origins with Minya Quirk

Oct 24 • 02:58:18

This week, James and Lawrence are joined by their mother and Shoppe Object founder, Minya Quirk. Minya hits the stu for a three hour marathon down memory lane, revealing how guys shouldn't decorate their apartments, who the best and worst brand clients are, and what it was like plucking the boys from complete obscurity and putting them on the path that would one day culmin...

Bone Apple Tea Pt. II with Bon Appétit’s Alex Delany

Oct 15 • 01:53:08

Double podded up on a Tuesday?! We're back with part two of our James Beard Award winning slap featuring Bon Appetit's Alex Delany. Alex and the boys are picking up right where they left off with the three main subjects of the pod and more, covering the importance of putting together a high-low first date, what Alex is eating on death row and how else a gourmet jawnz enthu...

Bone Apple Tea Pt. I with Bon Appétit’s Alex Delany

Oct 10 • 01:53:10

The whole gang's eatin this week, courtesy of the boys' five-star gourmet slapperoni featuring Bon Appetit's Drinks Editor, Alex Delany. Alex hits the stu to talk about what the best pizza in New York REALLY is, how he's navigated the world of both jawnz and food, and even does a taste test of one of his favorite cocktails with the Core 4 live on air. Then, in Captain's Lo...

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