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Failing Forward


Ever experienced failure? Of course you have. But what makes some people more resilient than others? Learn from successful people on how their failures launched them into success.

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Episode 107: Siobhan Taylor - DePaul Cristo Rey

Dec 3 • 40:58
On episode 107, Siobhan Taylor discusses her Lyme disease recovery, faith during the pandemic, and abandoning her dream of being in lawyer to find what made her heart truly sing: youth and education. Today, Siobhan is the president and CEO of DePaul Cristo Rey. No matter where you are on your faith journey, Siobhan’s wisdom can help you reflect on your life, your relations...

Episode 106: Jennifer Hafner Spieser - Cincinnati Parks Foundation

Nov 19 • 27:42
Early in her career, Jennifer Hafner Speiser worked for a boss who she grew not to trust. She could see a fiasco in the making but, as a junior employee, was too afraid to speak up. The experience taught her to trust her intuition.

On episode 106, the executive director of the Cincinnati Parks Foundation discusses how to nurture your intuition, what brave noise means to her...

Episode 105: Anthony Iannarino - Sales Coach

Nov 4 • 51:41
When he was 25, Anthony Iannarino had brain surgery and woke up to find a small part of his brain had been removed. He was angry and panicked, and the musician decided to pursue higher education. He attended college, law school, and business school back-to-back. Today, Anthony is a sales coach and runs his family’s staffing company.

On episode 105, Anthony tells us about wh...

Episode 104: Ben Montgomery - Author + Journalist

Oct 21 • 42:27
Journalist and author Ben Montgomery has spent much of his career telling other people’s stories. Some have happy endings, and others—like the stories of the White House Boys in Florida—don’t. But the common threads that run through them all are our capacity for resilience and adventure.

On episode 104, Ben talks about reporting on tragedies and triumphs. His article in the...

Episode 103: Julie Conrad - Blossom Wellness and Healing Center

Oct 15 • 34:47
Julie Conrad has always had intuitive gifts, but it wasn’t until she was 29 and struggling with infertility that her mentor told her, “You’re supposed to be a healer in this life.” Julie started taking her gifts more seriously and eventually quit her high-paying corporate job to start her energy healing practice.

On episode 103, Julie tells us about finding and cultivating ...

Episode 102: Eisha Armstrong - 0.0 Living + Vectris

Oct 8 • 32:33
As can be typical of an oldest child, Eisha Armstrong has perfectionist tendencies. The Harvard Business School alum has always had a lot of irons in the fire, but she couldn’t escape the voice that said she needed to work harder and do more. Eisha started drinking more to drown out the noise.

On episode 102, Eisha explains how and why she started questioning her relationsh...

Episode 101: Casey Hilmer Ward - Stabbing Survivor + Power Ryde

Sep 30 • 37:11
Casey Hilmer Ward started running in elementary school and later joined her school’s cross country team. In July 2003, 13-year-old Casey went on a training run and was attacked a quarter-mile from her house. She managed to break free but only after being stabbed four times, including in the neck.

On episode 101, Casey shares her survival story and the scars—visible and invi...

Episode 100: Henry Fenichel - Holocaust Survivor + Professor

Sep 23 • 43:32
Some of Henry Fenichel’s earliest memories are during one of humanity’s darkest eras: the Holocaust. His family was targeted along with many other Jews living in The Netherlands in the 1930s and ’40s. Miraculously, he and his mother escaped to Palestine—only to be separated once more.

On our 100th episode, Henry recounts what it was like living in a Jewish ghetto, how he ma...

Episode 99: Bill DeVille - Health Carousel

Sep 16 • 43:04
We think of entrepreneurs as strong visionaries who are ready to tackle any problem, and if you met Bill DeVille today, that’s probably what you’d think, too. As a kid, the founder and CEO of Health Carousel was mech less self-assured and way more fatalistic. Then one day, his mom shocked him into changing his mindset.

On episode 99, Bill shares what his mom told him way ba...

Episode 98: Adam Symson - The E.W. Scripps Company

Sep 9 • 37:32
Adam Symson says he owes his position as president of CEO of The E.W. Scripps Company to his failures. Or more accurately, his fortitude. He’s had to navigate layoffs, acquisitions, and a global pandemic in his role, and his resilience has come in handy.

On episode 98, Adam tells us why and how he embraces failure. He also shares how his family’s immigrant history and Jewis...

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