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Fad or Future

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Everyday consumers are being bombarded with the next “big thing” in health, wellness, and fitness. What’s the future of keeping ourselves healthy and what’s just a passing fad? Along with some of the best experts in the field, Joey will tackle diet fads, medicinal, fitness fads, bio-hacking andRead more

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Why you NEED Carbs, Protein, Sports, and nutrition myths with Marie Spano

Nov 17 • 47:46

Marie Spano (Sports Performance Nutritionist, RD, CSCS, RD, CSSD) has worked with ever single professional sport and most recently the World Series Champion Atlanta Braves. What does nutrition look like for the weekend warrior and what is needed for the professional athlete? Are they different?...

Supplements, studies, misinformation, and more with

Oct 22 • 53:50

She will stab you! Olympic dreams realized, addicted to competition, and world class stories from Monica Aksamit

Oct 8 • 37:35

Monica Aksamit will stab you! Really! The 2016 Olympic Bronze medalist in fencing comes on the show to talk about the olympics, myths, motivation, and the crazy LITTLE amount of money an olympian makes....

All about poop, GI, and feeling good with Dr. Mary Pardee

Sep 15 • 44:55

Have you ever wondered what your poop should look like, smell like, and how often you should go to the bathroom per day? If so, this is the podcast for you! Dr. Mary Pardee talk all things digestive health for your gut, brain, and overall wellbeing! ...

Food Lies and The Sapien Diet with Brian Sanders

Sep 2 • 51:01

How to start your fitness journey from anywhere with Kyle Knapp

Aug 15 • 43:20

Kyle Knapp is a fitness expert based out of Southern California with a passion for creating fitness programs that can be done in the gym or out of the gym. In this episode Kyle sits down with Joey Thurman to discuss:...

How to lose weight and write your own story with Laura Micetich " The Iron Giantess"

Aug 4 • 54:49

What is holding you back from losing weight and writing your own story? Laura Micetich aka The Iron Giantess joins Joey Thurman to talk about her extreme transformation from the inside out. Laura goes deep into her own struggles that were holding her back from writing her own story, slaying dragons, and how she empowers her clients to love themselves!...

Why you need more salt, minerals, and how to perform better!

Jul 17 • 01:00:25

Have we gotten wrong for years we need MORE salt? Dr. James DiNicolantonio is the author of The Salt Fix, Superfuel, The Mineral Fix, The Longevity Solution, and The Immunity Fix. He is a pharmacist turned researcher and often challenges medical wisdom that we thought was fact....

Functional Medicine, Red light therapy, Age Reversal, and becoming super human with Dr. Paulvin

Jul 8 • 44:16

What if you had the tools to slow down aging, reverse your biological age, and become super human? In todays podcast Joey is joined by Dr. Neil Paulvin to discuss just that! Is it possible, is it a Fad, or is it the FUTURE?!!!...

The future of mental health/depression treatments with Alex Wisch

Jul 2 • 52:15

Shock therapy, meth, ketamine, antidepressants, talk therapy, and the list goes on for treatments of depression that Alex Wisch has tried. Alex is a high level athlete, performance coach, investor, and has been struggling with major depression for a lot of his life. Alex is one who tries to find the solution for himself rooted in research to help others who struggle with m...

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