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Fabled Collective explores mysteries, legends, myths, lore, ghosts, and fairy tales. Investigation of these tales of woe often reveal grim details that have been long hidden in the dark corners of history. Every story is a mix of both fact and fiction, and so are our episodes. We'll tell you aRead more

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The Light of the Wicked

Oct 8 • 17:01

Should you ever find yourself walking along a marsh or swamp in the darkest hour of the night, you may witness a haunting light over the still water. Over the centuries, it’s been called by many names—the French call it the feu follet, the English call it will-o’-the wisp or jack o’lanterns. No matter what you call it, one thing is clear—it’s the light of the wicked.


The Ghosts of Hyde

Aug 23 • 19:05

On the isle of Hyde, all ghosts aren’t dead. Haunted by a past they fled and by a present so steeped in lore, truth can scarcely be deciphered. If tomorrow promised of a world without social media, television, and distraction, would you take it? Would you become a ghost of Hyde?...

The Gribble House

Jul 1 • 22:18

On December 10, 1909, a horrific triple homicide occurred at 401 W. Perry St. in the downtown district of Savannah, Georgia. That day Eliza Gribble and her daughter Carrie were found dead in their home. Another woman by the name of Maggie Hunter was also found in terrible shape but survived for three days. This is the story as we know it.

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Twice Dead

May 28 • 46:42

This episode is a little different. "Twice Dead" is a fictional short story that I recently finished and wanted to share with Fabled listeners.

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Cockspur Island Lighthouse

Apr 8 • 24:18

If you drive over the causeway from Savannah, Georgia to Tybee Island, you’ll notice a small lighthouse in the Savannah River. It captured my interest the first time I saw it. Often times, the lighthouse is inaccessible from neighboring Cockspur Island. Residing near Fort Pulaski, the tiny lighthouse has a fascinating history. And maybe even a few ghosts.

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Angel of Death Jane Toppan

Mar 4 • 20:34

The most horrible of monsters are those who prey on the weak, the sick. These angels of death strike when they're needed, when their patients cannot care for themselves. When medical professionals decide to harm, they turn their backs on all they’ve been taught. Such is the case of Jane Toppan, one of America’s first serial killers, who claimed to have murdered at least 31...

Emily Dickinson's "Tell all the truth but tell it slant"

Feb 19 • 11:15

Emily Dickinson is one of most popular American poets of all time, but she didn't experience fame until after her death. This analysis of her poem "Tell all the truth but tell it slant" gives insight into her thoughts and understanding. Truth is a most rare thing.

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Most Memorable Haunted Places (Unscripted)

Feb 18 • 17:42

In this unscripted episode, my husband and I take a stroll down memory lane and recount the most memorable haunted experiences we've had thus far.

If you'd like to know more about the places we discussed, check out:
Ep 1 -- Unitarian Cemetary Charleston, SC
Ep 14 -- The Sorrel-Weed House Savannah, GA
Ep 18 -- Haunted Ybor City, FL

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History, lore, and superstitions: Black Cats

Feb 16 • 06:03

Throughout the centuries and numerous cultures, superstitions surrounding black cats have varied. Are black cats lucky or unlucky? Some believe crossing a black cat to be fortunate, and others see it as an impending omen. Luck, it seems, is in the eye of the beholder.

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The Poisonous Bride: Marie Lafarge

Feb 12 • 09:43

The story of Marie Lafarge reads like a gothic novel. A well-bred, attractive woman living in a mansion in the country, married to a man she doesn't love, sounds like a tale we'd all like to read. And read, people did. Her case was one of the first trials to be followed by the public through newspapers. She was the first person to largely be convicted due to direct forensi...

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