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Sean and Giannis love movies. Sean and Giannis are relatively fond of each other. But Sean and Giannis hate each other’s opinions of movies. Each week, one of them will pick a movie they love… that they know the other will hate. Listen in as the two sh*t on everything the other holds sacred. TwoRead more

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Ep 52: F**k The Dead!

Nov 30 • 01:12:44

Hey there, sorry about this title. This week, Giannis picked John Huston's final film, "The Dead" for us to watch. Despite knowing the naming structure we've had in place for 50 episodes, he dared to pick this movie anyways.

Listeners, rest assured there are no shenanigans that are implied by the unfortunate title of this episode. And to our necrophiliac listeners.....well,...

Ep 51 - F**k Ghost!

Nov 15 • 01:08:24

BONUS: F**k Lost Speedways Season 2 w/ Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Nov 1 • 01:10:47

This week, Giannis and Sean are on a journey. A journey to discover Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s journey. A journey to figure out who exactly gave Dale his lines. A journey to figure out why Dale sometimes goes on a journey and sometimes says "eh, I don't really care about that one" and sends his two lackeys on their own journies that are more like side quests than full-on journie...

BONUS: F**k Halloweentown!

Oct 18 • 01:08:48

The FULL Decimal Montage

Oct 4 • 36:01

Ep 50: F**k Yeah! Sherlock Jr.!

Sep 27 • 01:12:25

Ep 49: F**k Fanny and Alexander!

Sep 13 • 01:39:27

Ep 48: F**k White House Down!

Sep 6 • 01:18:43

Ep 47: F**k Celine and Julie Go Boating!

Aug 30 • 01:19:08

Ep 46: F**k Limitless!

Aug 23 • 01:13:05

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