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Interviews and messages designed to help you understand, apply and teach the Bible with power and clarity to this generation.

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Pastoral Preaching, brevity and John Chrysostom - Gerald Bray

Nov 30 • 59:56

This episode features a rare mix of profoundly practical advice for today and keen insight into the ancient history of the church. Dr Gerald Bray speaks with Mike Neglia about how to preach the Psalms as a guest speaker and also some encouragements (and cautions) from the life of one of the early church's greatest preachers; John Chrysostom,...

Every Passage Ultimately Points to Jesus - Nick Cady

Nov 23 • 01:36:51

The Bible makes sense in its deepest and richest capacity only when we read it through Jesus shaped goggles. When we see all of it through the lens of its Main Character - it should cause us to preach explicitly Christian sermons....

Advent and Christmas Preaching - Ronnie Martin

Nov 16 • 42:46

The Christmas season is upon us! This is a unique time in the calendar year when nominal Christians and occasional visitors will come to your church to sing songs and listen to a sermon. How can we leverage this opportunity for the gospel? How can a preacher, who has perhaps preached dozens of Christmas messages over the years, keep it “fresh” now? ...

Sermon Based Small Groups - Alan Stoddard

Nov 9 • 50:22

Sermon based small groups a powerful ministry opportunity that multiplies the reach of the pulpit. Dr. Alan Stoddard shares some of the ministry philosophy behind sermon based small groups as well as the Biblical precedent and tips and tricks to make the best curriculum questions possible. ...

How To Interpret And Apply The Bible - Cody King

Nov 2 • 20:46

Inductive Bible Study is a useful method that preachers use to study, interpret and apply the Bible. When we dig deep into the Bible in private, we can have confidence that we are standing on solid ground as we preach in public.

Why You Need To Understand Literary Genre - Kristie Anyabwile

Oct 26 • 59:17

"When I teach I want to keep in mind the GENRE of what I am teaching. I want to remember what the conventions are of that genre and how do they inform my understanding of this text? I’m trying to follow the logic of the author, how he structured what he wrote, and the questions he’s anticipating from his audience and how he answers them."  Kristie Anyabwile speaks with Mik...

Value and Power of Expository Preaching - David Guzik

Oct 19 • 31:29

To “exposit” is to explain. It comes from the same idea as expose. The idea is that something isn’t being created, but it is being exposed, discovered, explained. In expository Bible preaching, the words and thoughts of the preacher are directed to help people understand the Bible text. Everyday believers can understand the Bible, and one important way the Holy Spirit illu...

Leaving Behind Our Hidden Shame For His Glorious Grace - Ray Ortlund

Oct 12 • 57:00

Ray Ortlund speaks with Mike about his Sunday morning routine, that consists of prayer and “major surgery” on his sermon manuscript, as well as an explanation of what his new post as a  Canon Theologian and Catechist actually entails. The majority of the conversation is spent speaking about the power of the gospel to overcome hidden shame and lead people into the glorious ...

Soul Preparation for Sunday Mornings

Oct 5 • 56:42

Sundays are a big day for the preacher! Not only are we delivering the sermon, but often times  leading staff, coordinating volunteers, participating in public worship, welcoming visitors, greeting members and a million other things. We asked 8 previous guests on the podcast to send in an audio file that explains what they do behind the scenes, before the start of the day ...

How To Write A Compelling Introduction - Nick Cady

Sep 28 • 00:00

The first few moments of your sermon might be more important than anything else that comes after them, because some of your hearers will decide if you are worth listening to or not, depending on how you begin your time. Nick Cady speaks with friend and colleague Mike Neglia about the importance of the opening moments of a sermon. ...

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