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How will the future unfold? What is the impact of technology on business & society? As technology reorders the world in which live, who will be the winners and who will be the losers? Join Azeem Azhar, curator of the Exponential View newsletter, in deep conversation with the world's leadingRead more
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Best Episodes

Applying the Pandemic Mindset to Climate Change with Cory Doctorow

Dec 23, 2020

" 👾 We have a shared microbial and epidemiological destiny. - Cory Doctorow 📚"




Cory Doctorow, award winning author, technologist, and founder, joins Azeem Azhar to examine how the pandemic mindset around harnessing massive collective action and exponential technologies for the good of humanity could also help us mitigate climate change. They also discuss: How Covid-19Read more

China’s Technology Transformation with Kai-Fu Lee

Dec 2, 2020

"Chinese TikTok is challenging the dominance of Silicon Valley "




“China is no longer a copycat. It’s an innovator,” says Kai-Fu Lee, CEO of Sinovation Ventures and former president of Google China. He joins Azeem Azhar to explore China’s rapidly evolving tech scene, their embrace of automation, and their journey to AI dominance. They also explore: How Covid hasRead more

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Mar 3, 2021

" If you want to get to the Moon, it’s really appealing to build a ladder. Our approach has been to build a rocket 🚀 Chris Urmson, CEO Aurora THE FUTUE OF SELF-DRIVING"




Chris Urmson, co-founder and CEO of the self-driving technology startup Aurora, joins Azeem Azhar to explore the state-of-play of self-driving technology, the criticisms the tech must address, and the huge challenges to be overcome before we trust a computer to drive our kids to school. They alsoRead more
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