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Exhale is Adii Pienaar's perspective on the journey through life and business. In this podcast, Adii will explore some of the non-obvious things he's learnt, whilst at the same time passionately unlearning some things about life or business that have not really been helpful at all. You'll enjoyRead more

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#12 - Ambition is hard work

Jan 19 • 08:42

I have to say that I've been chasing my tail a bit and running around like a headless chicken since the start of the month....

#11 - Reaching Superficial Milestones

Dec 8 • 12:08

I want to run 2000km in 2016 and after a 3-week break due to illness, I'm behind schedule. So it's going to be tough to reach that milestone. That said, I'm not even sure why 2000km is even that important. Is it more important than 1900km? Or 1850km?...

#10 - Behind The Scenes

Dec 1 • 10:16

My perception is that most people know me due to my two successes: WooThemes and now Conversio....

#9 - What's the meaning of life?

Nov 24 • 11:57

Whenever someone rhetorically asks "What's the meaning of life?", I have a wry smile, because it always seems like such a loaded, unanswerable question....

#8 - Positive Impact

Nov 10 • 13:13

I had an uncomfortable realisation earlier. The only minority that I've ever been part of, has been one of privilege....

#7 - Playing your own game

Nov 3 • 11:57

Earlier this week, we rebranded and relaunched Receiptful as Conversio. This was ultimately a project that represented our own evolution and what we had learnt about ourselves in the last 2 years since we first launched....

#6 - Did Not Finish

Oct 26 • 12:14

This past Sunday I had entered to race in my first triathlon. After a couple of weeks of hard training, I felt that I was prepared and was excited to take part in my first race....

#5 - Slower Mornings

Oct 20 • 19:19

We have two young boys (5 & 2) in the house and I can positively say that their random sleeping and (subsequent) morning routines has made it really hard for me to stick to my own morning work routines. This has been especially hard on me, because I'm great in the mornings and have developed my morning routines for a very long time....

#4 - The Obstacle is the Way

Oct 13 • 18:18

I started Exhale by sharing my very first exhale experience when I realised that my life - and especially my work / business - felt like I was pushing a rock up the hill. That sensation and the fact that I had become unhappy and tired in doing so, was my obstacle....

#3 - I don't believe in work/life balance

Oct 6 • 14:50

We often hear about why work/life balance is important, how a few people are successful at achieving it (survivorship bias much?) and mostly how the majority of the world just struggles with this....

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