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Eww! That's Creepy

True-crime • Comedy

Eww! That's Creepy is a true crime/paranormal/extraterrestrial podcast retelling tales and true stories that scare us to the bone. Hosted by twin sisters Melissa and Jackie, this podcast will pick a theme each week involving true tales of murder, hauntings, fetishes, aliens, conspiracies, and allRead more

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#70 Incubus Encounters

Nov 26 • 22:51

Welcome back hell cats, and happy holidays! Jackie is telling Melissa some incubus stories today to continue our succubus/incubus theme. This episode is NSFW and listener discretion is advised. Now listen... if you dare... ...

#69 Succubus Encounters

Nov 22 • 25:24

Hello hell cats! We are back with a new week and a new theme; encounters will succubus and incubus demons. Melissa will start by telling about the origins of the succubus, and then sharing a few different real life encounters with the demon. Big trigger warning for this episode and next! Due to the nature of these demons, sexual assault will be heavily discussed in both ep...

#68 Idiotic Criminals: Part Two

Nov 14 • 18:29

Welcome back hell cats!! We have another episode talking about idiotic criminals! Jackie is telling Melissa about a few crimes involving people who really should have thought twice before breaking the law. ...

#68 Idiotic Criminals: Part One

Nov 9 • 20:12

Hello hell cats, Happy November! We wanted to start the month off on a lighter note after the Halloween spook, so this week we are discussing idiotic criminals. First, Melissa will tell Jackie about four different crimes that did not go as planned. This episode will include outrage over garlic knots, an unattractive mugshot, and even an assault via farting...eww! 


Halloween Scary Story ”Sinister Cinema”

Oct 31 • 19:44

#66 Halloween Murders: Doreen Erbert

Oct 25 • 53:48

Hi creepy cats! We are back to tell you about another murder committed on Halloween night. This episode, Melissa will be telling Jackie about the tragic murder of Doreen Erbert, an expecting mother who was attacked by a man wearing a wolf mask and wielding a machete. This heartbreaking story tells a tale of loss, hopeful new beginnings, and unending grief that resulted in ...

#65 Halloween Murders: Kathleen ”Katy” McGehee

Oct 21 • 36:49

Hello hell cats, welcome back! This week we are talking about murders that have happened on Halloween, which makes these horrific crimes that much creepier. Jackie is telling Melissa about the murder of Kathleen McGehee, often referred to as "Katy" by her friends and family. Halloween of 2011 would sadly turn into an unforgettable day of horror for the McGehee family... bu...

#64 Possession Stories: Sumitra Singh (Shiva Diwedi f/k/a Tripathi)

Oct 16 • 33:06

Hello Hellcats! We are back with another possession story and Jackie is talking about the story of Sumitra Singh, who began saying that she was Shiva Diwedi, a woman who had recently died under mysterious circumstances. Was this a case of possession or reincarnation? Let us know!...

Possessions: Amy Stamatis

Oct 12 • 25:52

Spooky season has officially begun! Today we are getting extra creepy, and discussing stories of possession. First, Melissa will tell Jackie the story of Amy Stamatis and her alleged possession by dark forces. Amy was working as a medflight nurse when suddenly, she did not feel like usual self. In the months that followed, Amy’s behavior would become increasingly strange a...

#62 Forgotten Identity Cases; Jody Roberts

Oct 8 • 29:57

Hello hell cats, welcome to another episode of Eww! That's Creepy! Today, Melissa is telling Jackie about another case of forgotten identity, with the case of Jody Roberts. Jody was a reporter working in Tacoma, Washington when she abruptly did not show up for a work assignment. The search for Jody would uncover allegations of police coverups, cross state lines, and even i...

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