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Evil By Design


More than 80 women from around the world have accused the fast-fashion mogul Peter Nygard of rape, sexual assault and human trafficking in incidents across four decades and at least four countries. He denies it all, and claims his accusers are lying as part of a vast conspiracy. The Winnipegger hadRead more

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Introducing: Boys Like Me

Nov 23 • 37:01
Why are lonely, young men a growing threat to our safety? In 2018, a Toronto man drove a van down a busy sidewalk, killing 11 people and injuring many more. He was linked to the "incel" movement, a dark online world fueled by violent misogyny, extreme isolation and perceived rejection. In the wake of the attack, Evan Mead discovers a disturbing connection to the perpetrato...

Introducing: Carrie Low VS.

Oct 21 • 27:19
Carrie Low trusted police when she reported her horrific rape. But she says they failed to investigate properly, and only succeeded in traumatizing her further. Now she’s setting out on a mission to hold these institutions to account. This all-new investigation is hosted by award-winning investigative journalist Maggie Rahr. More episodes are available at:

Introducing: A Death in Cryptoland

Jul 30 • 38:31
When the young CEO of Canada’s largest cryptocurrency exchange is reported to have died while honeymooning in India, it sets off a cataclysmic chain of events that would leave about 76,000 people out of a quarter of a billion dollars and a trail of conspiracy theories around whether Gerald Cotten is dead or alive. A Death in Cryptoland is an original podcast series about a...

Introducing: The Village: Season 2

Jun 23 • 51:35
Transgender women, and trans sex workers in particular, know what it means to be marginalized, overpoliced, and underprotected. In season two of The Village, host Justin Ling investigates the stories of two women, Alloura Wells and Cassandra Do, whose deaths remain unexplained, and whose cases expose the systems that failed them. More episodes are available at:

Introducing: The Next Call with David Ridgen

Jun 9 • 03:40

Introducing: Life Jolt

Apr 27 • 37:15
Life Jolt - prison slang for a life sentence - examines the lives of women navigating Canada’s correctional system. The team gained unprecedented access to the Grand Valley Institution prison, the federal pen for women in Ontario, for a full year. They followed women going into prison for the first time, spoke with lifers who have been there for years, and parolees as they...

Episode 8: The Enablers

Mar 8 • 56:21

Episode 7: Flesh and Blood

Mar 2 • 54:16

Episode 6: 'Peter Says Hi'

Feb 22 • 42:53

Episode 5: ‘It’s always been known in Winnipeg’

Feb 16 • 41:45

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