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Everything Life Coaching: The Positive Psychology and Science Behind Coaching

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Life coaching tips and theory with John Kim & Noelle Cordeaux from JRNI Coaching!

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The Science of Gratitude & Cultivating Gratefulness

Nov 26 • 31:37

Rebroadcast from November 2019. How can we cultivate more gratitude? What does it mean to be grateful?...

Holding Difficult Things as a Coach, Without Getting Overwhelmed

Nov 19 • 23:02

How do we hold difficult things without getting overwhelmed?...

Authenticity vs. TMI as a Coach

Nov 12 • 17:58

What is authenticity as a coach? Can you really be TMI in today's world?...

Getting Comfortable with Showing Up Online

Nov 5 • 19:14

How do we get comfortable with showing up online? Noelle and John talk through her biggest fears and blockers!...

What Makes a Good Coach?

Oct 29 • 14:18

What is the hallmark of a good coach? How can you become a good coach? Is it just ethics, or something else beyond that?...

Belief Systems -- What Are They, How Do They Rule our Lives?

Oct 22 • 14:56

How do belief systems work? How do they influence our life and our client's decision making?...

Building Confidence as a Coach

Oct 15 • 16:58

How can we get our confidence up? Let's turn to the science and find out!...

Working on Your Business vs. In Your Business

Oct 8 • 30:56

You gotta balance working on the business with working in the business but when do you outsource? What takes priority?...

Dismantling Ideas We All Have About Money

Oct 1 • 22:34

Money ideas drive so much of what we do -- how do we dismantle the incorrect ones and drive the positive ones to the front?...

How to Build a Culture of Coaching at Work

Sep 24 • 20:34

Coaching in the workplace can transform work culture in a way that we've never experienced. So, how can we bring coaching to work?...

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