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Genetics and the History of the Jews, with Razib Khan

Nov 20 • 01:15:53

The history of the Jews, including Ashkenazim, Sephardim and smaller communities like Greek, Yemenite, Moroccan, and Chinese Jews, and how their experiences diverged around the world. Plus, the miracle of modern genomics.

“I’m imagining a future where genomics gives us a window onto the biochemical metabolic processes that are going on. We shall be as gods. We are biting of...

Noah Smith: “It is what it is, and if necessary we’ll shoot it”

Nov 6 • 01:18:03

Noah as a Lithuanian yeshiva student...

Jerry Neumann on Investing, Humility and Legacy

Oct 2 • 01:38:33
  • On life as an angel, failure and success, humility, portfolio construction, what we can know
  • East Coast vs West Coast 
  • Differentiation in a world of cheap capital
  • What a restructuring background can teach you and why he didn’t pursue private equity
  • This moment in technological and political history
  • What he’s reading
  • Whether you should become a VC today
  • Why he teaches
  • “The biggest ...

A Rabbi, a Philanthopist and a Putz discuss Shame and Online Mobs

Aug 19 • 44:27

Feminisation of Society with Richard Hanania

Aug 7 • 01:11:07

This conversation picks up on a strand that I’ve been thinking a lot about. Diana Fleischman in my conversation with her said: Institutions are increasingly reflecting the values of middle aged women. Tyler Cowen often writes about the feminization of society at Marginal Revolution.

In addition to feminisation we discuss:...

How to Train Your Boyfriend (and other Sorcery) with Diana Fleischman

Jul 24 • 01:30:21

Diana's writing a book called “How to Train Your Boyfriend” – so, there’s a lot of that. We also discuss:...

Genghis Khan and the Mongols with Razib Khan

Jul 18 • 01:25:33

Razib and I discuss “Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World” by Jack Weatherford, which Razib had recommended. We deep dive on the book, read extracts and discuss the Mongols and related history....

Space factories 🚀 with Delian Asparouhov

Jun 26 • 55:33

Fun conversation with Delian Zebulgar, who is both a full time VC investor at Founders Fund and a co-founder of space manufacturing startup Varda. What better excuse to speak to a guy? I discover the space economy is much closer and bigger today than most people think. Also pleased and surprised to learn that Australia and New Zealand are up there in terms of pushing the s...

"We need the eggs": Nicholas Gruen on Public Policy, Jokes and Loss

Jun 13 • 01:36:49

Nicholas is a prominent Australian economist, and has chaired various Australian government groups and initiatives as well as Kaggle, where he was an early investor. Lindsay Tanner has described him as "Australia's foremost public intellectual".

We cover:...

Big Lies, Babies and Dad Energy with Alex Kaschuta

May 30 • 01:15:47

In this conversation Alex and I discuss:...

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