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Environmental Evolutions


Environmental Evolutions explores, with host Megan Berge and expert guests, emerging areas and recent developments in environmental law and policy.

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California 101 - Fast Facts on California's Air Regulatory Regime

Aug 25 • 18:36

Ever wonder where the authorities of the California Air Resources Board end and the authorities of the Air Quality Management Districts begin? In this next fast facts episode, California special counsel Julie Cress and partner Megan Berge provide in 15 minutes or less a primer on California's air regulatory regime. Questions about California air programs? Contact Julie Cre...

The Future of Liquid Fuels

Aug 10 • 22:34

This episode is part of our transportation sector series. Chris Miller, of AJW consulting group, joins Partner Megan Berge to discuss the future of state and national fuels programs. Chris represents a bi-partisan coalition supporting the promulgation of a nationwide low carbon fuel standard.  If you would like more information regarding LCFS programs, please contact host ...

Follow the ESG Road: The Next Step (and the Next) on the SEC ESG Path

Jun 18 • 18:15

In this episode Partner Bridget Moore and host Megan Berge discuss President Biden’s May 20 Executive Order on Climate-Related Financial Risks and what companies subject to disclosure requirements need to know now. For more information or assistance with this issues, please contact Bridget Moore or host Megan Berge....

Holy Renewable Energy Transmission Project Loans, Batman!

Apr 29 • 05:27

DOE Sets the Table for Energy Efficiency Rules

Apr 27 • 16:35

In this episode, Host Megan Berge and Partner George Fibbe, former Deputy General Counsel for Litigation, Regulation & Enforcement for the U.S. Department of Energy, flag for listeners key components of the recent Department of Energy proposal revising its process for undertaking energy efficiency rulemakings.  The proposal rule is available at For a d...

PFAS Regulation & Litigation Are Coming P(retty)FAS(t)

Apr 11 • 19:15

In this episode, host Megan Berge and Partners Stephanie Bergeron Purdue, formerly Deputy Executive Director at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, and Alex Dunn, formerly Assistant Administrator at EPA, discuss the latest developments in the regulation of and litigation about the per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances that are known as PFAS. For more information a...

Climate Claims Come to the Federal Trade Commission

Mar 25 • 18:10

In this episode, former acting chairman and commissioner of the FTC Maureen Olhausen and host Megan Berge discuss environmental groups’ FTC petition alleging that a fossil fuel company mislead customers on the climate and environmental impacts of its operations.  This episode is the next in our “fast facts” series, which aspires to breakdown recent developments and convolu...

California: Get your hydrogen tax credits; get your hydrogen tax credits here!

Mar 5 • 07:20

In this episode, California tax partner Will Gorrod and environmental partner Megan Berge highlight key elements of the clean hydrogen tax credit bill recently introduced in the California legislature by Assemblyman Freddie Rodriguez—AB1312. The bill is the first of its kind in the nation. This episode is the second in our “fast facts” series. The goal of episodes in this ...

Clean Energy Carrots: Carbon Capture Use and Storage

Feb 9 • 27:51

In this episode, host, Megan Berge explores new incentives and potential policy initiatives for broadening deployment of carbon capture use and storage (CCUS), both domestically and internationally, with tax partner, Barbara De Marigny, and environmental partner, Aileen Hooks. ...

Rules of the Road for Enforcement in the Biden Administration (Administration Transition Series)

Feb 4 • 35:41

In this episode: Partners, Jeff Wood, and, Megan Berge, explore the rule of the road for environmental enforcement actions and how they may shape the implementation of the Biden Administration’s enforcement priorities. The Department of Justice materials discussed in this episode are available at and

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