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Welcome to a New Dawn of Engineering Challenges. If you are concerned or interested about the current and future life as an engineer, then this Podcast is for you. We look closely at what it means in today's society to be an engineer, and we discuss some challenges our guests are facing or workingRead more

Popular episodes

Progressive Diversity With Lauren Mua

May 6 • 30:45

The conversation on diversity has been going for decades.  Lauren Mua spoke to Mel & Dom about Progressive Diversity. She has seen and experienced changes in the industry during her 10+ years as an engineer. ...

What’s in a title? With Steve Howe

Apr 29 • 33:34

What is in a title?  When you’re an engineer, a title could mean a lot. ...

Human Systems with Grace Kennedy

Apr 22 • 19:00

Grace Kennedy is a Systems Engineer.  She specialises in understanding, modelling and communicating the interaction of humans and technical systems. ...

Electric Shocks with Peter Stepien

Apr 15 • 22:49

Electricity in mines is a very concerning hazard.  And while there have not been any fatalities in Australian mines due to electrocution in well over 30 years, this does not mean engineers are not working on it.  Peter Stepien spoke to Mel & Dom about his concern that engineers must stay vigilant with evolving technology, specifically currently with variable speed drives i...

IOT with Ami Pasricha

Apr 8 • 26:45

Ami Pasricha has been thinking about the Internet Of Things (IOT) since very early in her career.  In fact, her very first project at university utilised this technology.  Ami spoke to Mel & Dom about her incredible work in this cutting edge area of IOT and describes some of the challenges facing this technology in the future. ...

Cyber Engineering with Renee Wootton

Mar 25 • 25:12

Our reliance on computers means the fact of cyber-crime is more of a question “when”, not “if”. Renee Wootton spoke to Engineering Heroes about how society is now facing cyber-attacks on a daily basis and how it is of vital importance that cyber engineers are involved in the development and upgrade of computer systems. ...

Skills shortage with Craig Smith

Mar 18 • 28:33

Craig Smith has worked in the engineering industry for over 2 decades. He notes that we are living in a real infrastructure boom, an era of mega projects.  And he’s deeply concerned about the real skills shortage being experienced in Australia.  No longer can Australia rely upon engineers from overseas bolstering the engineering ranks, we must look towards our own society ...

Water with Sue Murphy

Mar 7 • 28:32

Sue Murphy is a highly regarded engineer who has worked in the industry for nearly 4 decades. She spoke to Engineering Heroes about the importance of water management, which is a key priority in WA, and how the key to any successful engineering project is communication and co-operation with the community and all stakeholders. ...

Disaster Resilience with Paul Gleeson

Mar 3 • 21:40

Disaster Resilience is all about managing floods and fires and everything nature can throw at us.  Well, this would be wrong. According to Paul Gleeson, you can’t consider disaster resilience without also considering climate change. ...

Sustainable and smart communities with Zoe Eather

Feb 25 • 18:51

“Smart communities are sustainable communities”. This week Mel & Dom speak to Zoe Eather, the host of The Smart Communities Podcast....

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