End Of Days Podcast

Jonathan Diaz

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Its the end of days! Or, is it really? Are you hungry for some discussion about the political climate we find our selves in, then this is show for you. Geeky Jock and Clark Kent discuss all kinds of cultural subjects while having the most fun we can.How does one navigate through the lies that weRead more
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Best Episodes

EOD: The Democratic Communist Party

Aug 19, 2020




How did we get to this point of crisis? How did we get to this point in our culture and society? Join me as I try to get to the bottom of the ideological warfare being thrusted upon us. Are we at the tail end of a ideological submersion via foreign entities? Ill let you decide.

Toxic Masculinity #5 - The Upcoming Technocracy

Feb 15, 2021



In this episode, I discuss the invisible enemy and how it's always been an economic war. How the riots were just a real estate accusation plan for the top 1%, how the various layers of governments, Tech oligarchs, Big Pharma, Military, and Central banks all working together to bring in their UtopiaRead more

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