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A podcast hosted by Jason Tate of about music, the music industry, news, pop-culture, and other semi-related topics. Some weeks we have industry special guests, some feature interviews with artists, some are a breakdown of a specific album, and others are kinda random. If you likeRead more

Popular episodes

Encore: Back to 2005 (Re-Ranking the Best of Lists) (#162)

Jul 20 • 14:09

We're trying something new and bringing you an audio version of the article featured on a few weeks back. This episode dives into the music from 2005 and revisits the staff and Jason's best of list from that year. What music held up? What didn't? Let's find out. Show notes can be found at

161: The Maine

Mar 26 • 01:14:54

Pat and Garrett of The Maine join Jason to talk about the band's upcoming album, growing up in this music scene, and what it's like to be a band in control of their destiny. Show notes can be found at

160: Best of 2018

Jan 7 • 01:20:54

Jason Tate and Craig Manning talk about the best of 2018. Show notes can be found at

159: The '59 Sound

Aug 16 • 01:13:01

Craig Manning returns to the show to discuss the ten year anniversary of The Gaslight Anthem's 'The '59 Sound.' Show notes can be found at

158: Mike Herrera of MxPx

Aug 1 • 01:23:16

MxPx released a new album last week, their first since 2012, and Jason Tate is joined by lead singer Mike Herrera to do a joint episode talking all about it. Show notes can be found at

157: Best of 2017

Jan 12 • 01:11:48

Craig Manning returns to the show to discuss the best albums of 2017. Show notes can be found at

156: The Last Jedi

Dec 21 • 01:22:44

Jason Tate and Thomas Nassiff reconnect to talk about one of their favorite topics: Star Wars. This episode is full of spoilers, so if you haven't seen the movie yet — be warned. Show notes can be found at

155: Fall Albums Part Deux

Oct 20 • 48:59

Ryan Gardner returns to the show to talk all about fall music. We start with talking about why we like fall music, what makes something, specifically a "fall album," and then dive into some of our favorite albums and songs that we think fit into this category. A playlist featuring a bunch of the songs from the albums we discuss on this episode can be found at

154: Accidental Music Podcast

Sep 22 • 01:22:08

Deanna Chapman returns to the show to discuss music and technology. We talk about Brand New's High & Low set (which Deanna saw in person), new albums from Mutemath, Foo Fighters, The National, PVRIS, and more, and then go deep on the latest Apple event. We talk about the new products, Apple Music, iOS 11, and what we think we want to upgrade and not upgrade. Show notes can...

153: Science Fiction - Part Two

Sep 8 • 01:00:04

Thomas Nassiff returns to the show to discuss the album we spent years waiting on ... Brand New's 'Science Fiction.' This episode of the show differs from the previous episode in that we we spend most of the time talking about the album roll-out and the industry ramifications of this new album. We talk about the band going #1 on the charts, how this specific roll-out was t...

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